As Promised: Episode 1 of Rebel FM

Won’t you please welcome Anthony Gallegos, Nick Suttner, Philip Kollar, Matt Chandronait, Ryan O’Donnell, Jade Kraus, and me, as we bring you the opening salvo of Rebel FM. It’s on, bitches.

Hey, look, it’s a torrent that won’t fucking destroy the site when you download from it!

And an RSS feed until the iTunes store picks it up.

PS: Yes, quality not so good for a lot of it, but bear with us. Things will be better next week. Promise. Even if we have to bring in a ringer to show us how it’s done.


  1. travis says:

    fix the permissions. 403 forbidden.

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  3. Sokkratez says:

    Wonderful, guys. Word spreading so fast that the site is dying :) At least it’s popular! Attempting to download now; very excited to listen.

  4. Alex says:


    The RSS feed on this site still doesn’t work however :/

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  6. Great stuff guys. My site trackbacked the second comment. I have mirrored the podcast at so you can get it there as well.

  7. Kamasama says:

    Good job getting this out so quickly. Nice to see you using Karen’s logo too. Hope you guys will land on your feet

  8. Jostein says:

    Been enjoying the Brodeo, 1up FM, Lan Party and all that for about a year now and I’m sad to see the recent development.

    But VERY happy at the same time to see you guys doing something together.

    Listening to the podcast now, good stuff so far! Best of luck!

  9. Lou Chou says:

    You guys will land on your feet. Look at Giantbomb. I believe in the age of independent games journalism, and you guys come from gaming’s biggest celebrity-maker (1UP) so you’re going the right way about keeping your fans around with the Twitter feeds and everything.

    Rage against the machine, mullafukkaz! The individuals are bigger than the system.

  10. Tommy says:

    Thanks for the podcast guys. All you guys deserve better than the corporate side of Ziff could ever give you. You were all wronged–but that’s capitalism for ya. I can’t wait to see what you guys do text wise. Oh, will this be weekly? Thanks again guys you’re all amazing.

  11. BakerMan says:

    I’m so glad that you started this podcast and can’t wait to listen to it. Thanks guys! I can’t wait to see what you all do in the near future.

  12. iain says:

    I fucking love you guys for doing this. Awesome podcast that really helps at this shitty moment in time.

    1up’s podcasts and especially the 1upshow, made gaming better.

  13. juv3nal says:

    the internet hugs you back guys.

  14. pele merengue says:

    I’m so happy you guys are doing this. Hopefully some of the other 1UP crew can find time to guest on the show every now and then.

    It’s the dawn of a new day and all that,

  15. beezn says:

    so damned happy for this, you guys are great. all of you should have been on twitter before though…

  16. RKK667 says:

    Wishing you all the best and thanking you very much for this :)

  17. I dropped a post on GiantBomb’s forum, as well as Insert Credits. Hopefully that gives you guys a bit more exposure.

  18. moe saint cool says:

    I was super bumed about you guys getting tossed,but shot that was a bad ass podcast. this is my new favorite bull shit.

    I really see you guys turning this into something great,and I will do my best to promote the shot out of it.

    I live in the bucktown/wicker park area of Chicago,and I will be print up flyers and putting those motherfuckers all over.we will help you guys make it.

    The are a lot of assholes on the Internet that talk about games,but when you find a group of assholes you like you stick up for them. I think everythings gonna be ok…assholes.


  19. Ryvvn says:

    The episode was great guys, glad to hear you guys laughing and having a good time in spite of what has happened. Yeah the quality may not have been the best but it was still awesome and I know it’ll only get better. Thanks for this!

  20. mishima says:

    Long time listener to the 1up podcasts and i have to say, that its great you guys got together and started a new podcast.

    Btw, the low quality audio its quite fitting to the name

  21. Huon says:

    Yeah guys, FUCK Yeah!!!

  22. RetroEd says:

    Downloading now and shall be listening at work later. I hope this is just the start of some new, exciting times for you all. Best of luck.

  23. jryi says:

    I’m so happy I could cry. Now all we need is a video camera and some editing equipment for Matt and we’d have 1up Show back.

    Keep fighting the good fight, dudes!

  24. Chimpanzee says:

    There’s a mirror here in case it’s needed again:

    I’m sure the rush has settled down a bit now and I’m not sure how well my web server will hold out but it can’t hurt.

    Good work guys. The podcast hole is filled. :)

  25. Phooey says:

    Great to see you guys back in action again. Big time fan here in the UK of all the 1up podcasts/shows & I’ll do my bit to promote this show wherever/whenever. I can’t wait to listen to the show. Thanks & good luck guys.

  26. Stefan says:

    Awesome podcast, can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for getting it up so promptly and best of luck to everyone on their future endeavors =]

  27. Seraph says:

    Great podcast guys. Stay strong and ‘chuf’ it through. Who would have thought that old hat cheese would become the new all purpose word.

    No, I didn’t add these myself, but I laughed out loud when I saw these:

  28. Matthew Moore says:

    Just downloaded the torrent and will listen on the way to school. Can’t Wait!!

  29. JK says:

    Thanks for this awesome podcast. Some suggestions on what you should do to get better exposure and get this site and the podcast the recognition they deserve:
    1) set up a podcast feed
    2) get it up on iTunes
    3) fix the RSS feed for the site
    4) update your version of WordPress so you don’t get hacked by some script kiddie

    Finally, you should set up a PayPal donation box. You could use the proceeds to buy some better equipment and booze (aka podcast lubricant). I’d definitely send some cash your way.

  30. osakajack says:

    long time listener, frequent poster, commented on voicemails to 1up.
    Anyway, I used the torrent so as not to hammer the server. Please be considerate.

  31. Nick says:

    Guys, really guttered for you. I’m from the UK and found the podcasts back in April last year and just devoured them. Was shocked to hear the news; it happened so fast! But really look forward to new horizons…one door closes; another opens. Nick

  32. Arcitee says:

    Woot! Downloading it now!

  33. osakajack says:

    second on the donations button. or a subscription button via anyone but PayPal. Those jerks will hurt more than help at the beginnning stage.

  34. mike says:

    The 1upshow was a quality tv show much better than any made for tv, i would pay a monthly subscription to pay for the show to carry on

  35. existonfile says:

    Thanks so much for continuing to podcast, you guys have no idea how much you helped get me through the work week with 1up FM. Keep up the good work, your fans will follow you no matter what site your on!

  36. Hordur says:

    Great to hear from you guys again :) I hope you do Citizen Kabuto on the “backlog” or whatever it will be called… I was really looking forward to that one… anyways glhf, love the new podcast :)

  37. v says:

    If you tried hard enough you could make a living out of this podcast thing.

  38. JoshS says:

    Loved it. Keep it going and I’ll keep on coming.
    I also got you guys a new listener tonight. He wasn’t much for podcasts but after I made him listen to this to support you guys, he will probably keep coming back.
    Chuf it out.

  39. BaronCid says:

    I’m so happy you came up with this!

    But what about a more… “creative” name? maybe?

    I like the rebel-idea but what about something like… “Gamerilla”?
    And a Grunge-style-website-design?

    Just my 2 cents. :)

  40. littleman00 says:

    Yes! Good luck to you guys, and I hope we hear more podcasts from the other EGM/1up team.

  41. Tom says:

    Awesome job guys! To everyone else, download the torrent! There’s about 300 seeders, it is super fast!

  42. Cody says:

    Thanks so much for keepin at it guys. you guys make gaming great and the podcasts rocks! keep em commin

  43. carnivorousgekko says:

    less Suttner please. Nick, you gotta let other people finish their sentences before you barge in with your foreign ideas. Seriously though, its not the Suttner Podcast, please treat it that way. More Ryan, Phil, Anthony, Arthur, hell even Jade.
    OTHERWISE, awesome job. Don’t care about quality. Cant wait for you guys to get Shane on, along with some other 1up ex-pats.
    I plan on giving the new 1up a chance, but it might be dicey for awhile. I’ve been a visitor then member, then contributor to 1up for over 2 years now, and I hope they can keep that ship afloat.
    Great job guys, awesome show.
    And Nick, please shut up from time to time. I like most of what you say, but you say too much of it. Keep truckin.

  44. thefil says:

    I could spew on about how much I love what you guys are doing, but hopefully I can just show the sentiment a bit by putting up mirrors to your podcast:

  45. blackalbino45 says:

    Just finished listening to RebelFM.

    Apart from the sound issues (static, weird sound made when mobilephones are close to speakers, and the car alarm – I can totally ignore them honestly), this is 1UP FM… minus the other staffers( 1UP FM-lite? )

    This could simply be the start of something awesome. Maybe u guys can combine all the good stuff from all the other 1UP podcasts and make the ultimate super epic awesome podcast ever…

  46. Benxor says:

    Glad to see you guys more or less on your feet. Keep it up.

  47. ediddy999 says:

    hey guys, it suck what happened, but we support you wherever you are. you have given tons to us all and we appreciate it all.

  48. ostembor says:

    Best of luck lads..

    Rebel spaceships, striking from a
    hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic

  49. Nomad Scry says:

    Would Libsyn be able to help prevent the site from getting smashed all the time? I haven’t used it myself, but I hear it is a very good service for delivering podcasts.

  50. A Ringer?



  51. v says:

    PLEASE make sure Robert Ashley is doing something somewhere. He was (is) awesome and could practically carry a podcast.

  52. Rick says:

    First of all Anthony.. VERY sorry about the 1UP bloodbath. If it’s any consolation, UGO doesn’t deserve you guys anyway. I hope you find bigger and better things.

    Secondly, thanks for this podcast!! I hope you guys keep it up and invite guests on in the future….

    How’s Ryan doing, btw?

  53. Downloaded this morning, cannot wait to give it a listen!

    Remember guys, if you need any help publishing on iTunes or anything, give me a shout!

  54. yKubo says:

    This really made my day. I didn’t know what would become of you all, but now I am sure you are all destined for great things.

  55. SteveT says:

    Give me three podcasts a week, including 1UP Yours and I’ll pay $10 every month.

  56. dalmada says:


  57. SoulmanIM3 says:

    I must say that listening to the first episode was a bittersweet experience. It seemed just like “old times.” However, once the outro music began to play, the reality of the finality became clear. Thankfully, you have all been blessed with amazing talent and expertise. I truly hope you are able to continue your work in the enthusiast gaming press — be it professionally or recreationally. I look forward to the next podcast.

    P.S. — The audio quality was more than serviceable. We appreciate you striving for excellence.

  58. gobassgo says:

    yo put this shit up on itunes son!

  59. Aaron McNair says:

    Awesome, thanks guys. Will be following your careers and your endeavors. Best of luck

  60. Nigel says:

    I am really glad that you guys are keeping stuff up. I am sure that this podcast will replace all the ones I ever listened to at 1up.

  61. James Taylor says:

    Loved the podcast. Stayed up till about 5am EST just to see it posted and listen to it!

    Excited to see what’s next for everyone.

  62. Ronin1475 says:

    Keep the Anthony on random topic segment alive!

  63. Luis B. says:

    Hey, the guys are here with a Podcast! that didn’t take long now did it?

    Say what are the chances I will be able to subscribe to this on iTunes?

  64. Sean Blevins says:

    Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see a video podcast, and I will be subscribing/buying it! Can’t wait until the next rebelfm!

  65. maas says:

    Great job getting this released so soon. Haven’t listened yet but I’m looking forward to it. One request: Robert Ashley as future guest/regular.

  66. Kahnindustries says:

    Will I be able to subscribe to this on iTunes soon?

    Missing 1up podcasts already.


  67. Jorge Yon says:

    yay! at least I’ll be able to hear you guys overseas :D

    Don’t be sad because you just got furlough. I know it’s a crappy situation that I do also place myself in your shoes. Maybe I do consider fortunate, but I do really would like to help somehow.

    Read my blog in 1up if you have the chance.


  68. Racebelly says:

    Half way through. Awsome podcast. I’m so happy you guys will still be around. I’m so sad about the catastrophy that went down a few days ago. All those talented people let go. All those great podcasts RIP.

    I really hope you guys keep this podcast up in some form. I for one would be more than willing to pay for a weekly RebelFM podcast.

    I wish all the people at 1UP who got the axe the best of luck. You are all really talented people and are sure to find something good.

  69. BrynoMite says:

    Quality’s not so good? Bullcrap. It was great. Everything was stellar. Thank you so much. This was too great. I’m going to assume that this will be a weekly occurrence, but just in case it isn’t: please make this a weekly occurrence.

  70. Hector says:

    that open letter was actually worth reading.

  71. Simon says:

    I for one would be more than happy to pay for the 1UP Show. Maybe you could sell it on iTunes? Or get it on Revision3?

  72. I can’t wait to listen! Thank you again, guys. We’re still hanging in there!

  73. Ben says:

    Thanks for the podcast, guys. You rock. Show me where to subscribe and it’s done.

    I love games, and it’s always great to hear perspectives from people who get to play all of them.

  74. Tidus3000 says:

    Great podcast guys. Hope this is a continueing thing (jesus i cant spell today). If bandwidth is killing you, i have a rapidshare account you can upload, plus its unlimited downloads to. If so just hit me up!

    Good luck to you all.

  75. OtakuDad says:

    Listening now. Thanks for doing this. It’s good for you guys to say what you need to, and for us to get some info. And personally? Sure, future episodes should have better audio, but a show called RebelFM should totally have some rad “radio-free gamer” quality about it, ya know? So it’s all good!

    As everyone else, I wish you guys the best… Thanks to Anthony and Aegies for hosting this stuff, and I can’t wait for the next, both as a podcast and in life for all you great guys!

  76. drjones says:

    awesome! so happy you guys are doing this. Who is that amazing song at the end of the episode??? Kudos again everyone. THE REVOLUTION WILL BE BROADCASTED!!!

  77. Sallokin says:

    Fuck yes! Congrats on getting it out. It’s good to have you back.

  78. Steve says:

    Fantastic job guys, especially considering the terrible circumstances. I’m following you all on twitter, this blog is bookmarked, and as soon as this podcast has an rss feed i’ll grab that too.

    Matt and Ryan: Totally excited to see what you guys do next, I know it will be amazing.

    Anthony, Phil and Nick: Whatever you guys do, where it is; I’ll read it, watch it, listen to it or whatever.

    Much love for you all, you guys are the best.

  79. borland502 says:

    “Though not for everyone, fans of the gaming genre will find this new podcast compelling and groundbreaking.”


    “It’s Clerks meets Empire Radio meets Howard Stern”

  80. Brian Haberer says:

    Excellent, glad to have you guys back… at least in some form.

  81. Darkradish says:

    Phil, if you need help with anything, you let me know. I’m in the area.

  82. Thundor says:

    the game where you shoot spears at bubbles and make them smaller is called super buster bros.

    Its funny you bring that up because my friend played that while i played bust a move, and we always thought we were talking about the same game. incidently that game was made by capcom.

  83. ChrisDubya says:

    Was good to hear you guys again (not that its been months or anything) I’ll definitely be listening every week, keep up the good word.

  84. Mitch Dyer says:

    Ch-ch-ch chuf it out.

  85. Ex-EGMer here. It’s awesome that you guys got together to do this. I had co-worker support when ousted by the corporate machine, but nothing like the whole industry and fans coming behind you (Podcasts, Facebook & Twitter also didn’t exist back in ’01 either). Glad you were able to get the word out to the interwebs like you did. Best of luck to you. Even though it doesn’t seem like it now, you’ll be stronger people for having gone through this tough time. Take care!

  86. Radioeye says:


    A podcast, even though all this crap happened.

    You guys saved my day.

    Downloading – Saving on my iPod – going to listen to it at work tomorrow.


  87. Jensemann says:

    Hi Gents (and the Lady)
    I was very happy to hear that you are all alright. And I hope that’s the same for the others that got hit. And you are right that it is going to be hard for the remaining folks at 1up too.
    But to show you how big the outcry really was you should have a look on this chart:
    That means that the 1up generated about 3680 tweets until now. Thats not bad. I am normally happy to get any response. 8)
    Although I am happy that you guy are taking it well, I have no idea how I am spending my free time. Me and my girlfriend had always a good time enjoying the work of you guys. My whole entertainment schedule went to hell. Now I actually have to tackle my backlog of games and can not listen to you guys doing it. (And without shane’s constant influence I am never gonna buy a PS3)

    The German Scot
    PS:Well, my girlfriend told me to tell you guys (yeah, yeah, I know) that If your should ever end up in Edinburgh(UK) we are happy to offer you coffee and free access to a couch and the TV.

  88. Awahuch says:

    I was wondering why my 1upFM feed didn’t update :(
    Anyway, once you guys get an address for candy and stuff, YOU GONNA GET GRAPED.

  89. Earl Greigh says:

    What’s a snack all of Rebel FM can agree on? I will support with snacks.

  90. Jorge Yon says:

    Kewl Podcast… no matter how is done, it’s a real pleasure (and mostly important) to hear you guys give kudos and rant about the gaming industry… keep it up!

  91. Jordan ModernDevil Chow says:

    no time wasted. looking forward to doing backlog or whatever you decide to call it in the future, with you all. Hope you are able to keep all the participants from this first episode, and Skip, for awhile. Totally appreciate Ryan and Matt commuting to Oakland for the show. Thanks also to Arthur for hosting show and site.

  92. cori says:

    with only one episode out i can already say this is my new favorite podcast. keep up the good work guys and you can count me in on staying tuned.

    ps. if it means getting another “1up show” thing out I have no problem subscribing to it.

  93. guch20 says:

    Hot DAMN!

    I don’t know if it’ll be possible, but I’d love to hear from other ex-1up folks whenever possible.

    But damn, it’s good to have you guys back!

  94. Steve N. says:

    Hi guys,

    I just finished listening to your first episode of Rebel FM and really enjoyed it. I’m glad to hear you all persevering. Just for the record, I would pay for a new version of the 1up Show. Like so many others out there, I’ll also be watching to see what you’re up to next.

    Take care,

  95. Kunal says:

    Keeping the discussion going, thank you so much for continuing the dialogue. THIS is why we listen, THIS is why we are fans.

    And a donation page would be much appreciated. :D

  96. regularname says:

    Thank god. If you guys are taking donations let us know, I’m sure i’m not the only one that would be glad to throw some money your way to keep what we love going.

  97. NoxDiurna says:

    Nice to hear from you guys.

  98. Intangible 360 says:

    Great to see the podcast back up and running, I can’t wait for more.

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