Coming this Friday: Geekbox Radio, with your host, Ryan Scott

I can already hear him apologizing for everything that comes next: Ryan Scott and his mystery team of former GFW Radio, Sports Anomaly, and Legendary Thread Alumni will be podcasting this Friday. In the meantime, drop by and digg their story so they can get even more exposure, and maybe donate a little to the cause.

I know that we’re pushing the donation thing hard, but please understand: this is totally optional, and everyone is super appreciative of everything. Also, we’re not blind, and family helps out family. So, head over, digg, donate, put up fliers in your town, or just let the people know. Papa Smurf is coming.


  1. CallMeSarge says:

    Great news, looking forward to it. Sry to be impatient, but:

    Don’t spose there is any idea of when Rebel FM Ep2 is due?

    Keep up the good stuff!

  2. Classic says:

    Nice, I plan on subscribing as soon as there’s a feed.

    However, there’s something I just don’t understand. Why aren’t you Ex-1UP guys consolidating and branding yourselves as one thing, instead of giving your fans (as of right now) 3 places to follow you. I was kind of hoping against hope that you guys would unite under one banner like the Giant Bomb guys did. Granted, their personalities are entirely different, but the mix of personalities is what kept us coming to 1UP.

    To an outsider looking in, it seems like you’re splitting your fanbase by not having one place to see what all of you are up to.

    Anyway, best of luck, and I hope that give what I’ve said some consideration.

  3. Kareem says:

    Super excited to get more Ryan.

    That being said, Classic kind of has a point. We know it’s all very hard to organize, but one “go-to” place would be far more successful than several.

    Either way, much love.

  4. Dennis says:


  5. Paul says:

    @CallMeSarge They’re recording ep. 2 tonight per Phillip’s twitter.

    Anyway, nice to see you all helping each other out. I’m just waiting for you all to do your own site.

  6. Nate says:

    Begging for money already? It makes me sick. Guess what you had a great job…playing games…. now get over it.

  7. Aegies says:

    I’m trying to keep this as good a place as any to find out what everyone is doing. There will be links here for everyone’s thing. And no one is begging, Nate. People have asked if they can help. Donations are one way.

  8. Jayslacks says:

    The Post-1-up monster grows larger and larger. Why did it take so long to flourish? Man. Exciting times…

  9. topherisagopher says:

    Hell yeah! Rename it to X### or whatever you had going just for the hell of it! I love you guys and will follow you guys wherever you write/talk/put video. You guys have great insights on games, come up with random old games that I totally forget about and then start geeking out when you guys start talking about them! Keep up the great work and hope you guys can get back together and get a regular gig going! I will be there!

    …Hello, this is your host Ryan Scott…and I am sorry.

    LOVE IT!

  10. Wormdundee says:

    Way to be an asshat Nate. The paypal donate links were put up because fans demanded it. We want to keep these guys going, because we love what they do. It’s not the only way to support them, but here’s a fact for you: A/V equipment is expensive. There’s no getting around that.

    Plus, the tone of your comment really makes you sound like a jerk. Aegies made it quite clear in this very post that is is completely optional.

  11. radattack says:

    Oh, how pumped I am. Here I was thinking quality podcasting had died with 1up, but I’m happy to see that I was wrong.

  12. HOODBOYZ says:

    SWEET! I hope they can get the old GFW gang together for a reunion. THat would be the greatest gift to videogame podcasting!

    I will always remember when I started cracking up laughing at work listening to the old heroes of the web skits, those were classic!

  13. Vince says:

    What the hell?!

    Can’t wait.

  14. Anthony Gornicki says:

    Dugg! Can’t wait to hear the cast!

  15. Ryan Scott says:

    Classic, there’s been some discussions about how to most effectively package our various projects, and a group of us are meeting about this very thing sometime this week. In the meantime, regardless, we’re fully supporting each others’ endeavors.

    Thanks for all the support, everyone — and keep those Diggs comin’! :)

  16. nocturnx says:

    This is great, I can’t wait! Looking forward to Rebel FM eps.2 too.

    I agree and disagree, It’s great to have several different quality gaming podcasts to listen to but the BEST podcasts are when you guys are all together…

  17. Drakesfortune says:

    You guys should stop apologizing for asking for donations. Honestly, RebelFM, and Talking Orange should be plugging donations at the front end and back end of every show. You guys need to pay the bills. You do nobody any good if you can’t make any money doing this, because that means it won’t last and you won’t keep doing it.

    Public radio constantly asks for donations to pay their bills. They tell the users how much money they need to make so they can keep going and they do telethons. If you tell your fan base that you need to make money to keep doing it, then people will donate because we appreciate what you do. Talking Orange would make a big mistake doing a for pay model, unless it’s for pay for HD. People will give more and more often if you ask and you let people know why it’s important.

    I also think you need to sell ads. If you can only get $1 per 15 second spot, then do it. You have to build up a market, and you have to price the ads based on demand and not some arbitrary way that’s tied either to the old model radio ads. You need an all of the above approach to this, and you need a business plan, and then you need to constantly work it. I know that’s hard for creative types to deal with, but you will end in failure if you don’t take the business side seriously, and I’ll be pissed off at you guys for not trying, and not taking it seriously.

    Leo Laporte has monetized podcasts, and he’s one of the few that’s been able to do it. If he can do it, you can. Leo’s secret is that he’s a business man, and he’s not ashamed to be paid for doing what he loves. Leo’s fanbase does not fault him for this, and yours wouldn’t either, especially given your special situation. We’d all love to see you rise from the ashes and come out of it with a potent business and be successful.

    It’s not pitiful to ask for donations. As I said, the public radio model is perfect for you. You could even get some bigger gaming companies to sponsor your shows and plug them and thank them at the front and back of every show, just like public radio does. “This show brought to you from our friends at EA, without them and listeners who donate like you, this programing wouldn’t be possible”. It’s superb publicity for EA, and it also asks for donations. Why not?

  18. Drakesfortune says:

    Also, hand out swag for donations, just like public radio. “Donate $25 get this exclusive mug, donate $50 get this hoodie, donate $150 get both and an art book or CD or something”. It gets people to give more, and it’s also publicity.

  19. meso says:

    I can’t wait to listen all!

  20. Keith Parish says:

    hi guys sorry to hear about the job loss, i liked the podcast even the bit that was close to blowing my head off with a bit of a sound boost lol

    iam hoping to make a donation next pay month but i would pay a subscription to you guys if you are able to set it up at some point.

    keep up the great work and good luck with every thing.

    (ratmonkey k) xbox live

  21. Bradmasi says:

    Yo guys, just wanted to say I am digging Rebel FM. I’ve been a 1up lurker for years and love everything you guys put out there.

    Just wondering if you guys are planning any eat-sleep-game or Rebel FM shirts or anything. Y’know, late X-mas gifts for all my gamer friends to help support you guys, get the word out, and make my nerdy friends feel important.

    Thanks for all your efforts!

  22. john J says:

    talkingorange,geekbox,rebelFm you guys should so get together and just make a single site u guys can so become the gaming Rev3 and it would save cash

  23. Mark Bash says:

    Guys, I’m sure I’m blind and simply missing the obvious feed, but just looking around for 2 min at 6 am, I don’t see a feed or even a posting. Morons like me need a button that says PODCASTS HERE DUMBASS!

  24. Mark Bash says:

    I shouldn’t post before i have my coffee, ignore the earlier post but i do want feeds

  25. xrayzwei says:

    What the hell?

  26. jason10mm says:

    Guys, cut them some slack. It has been a WEEK since the hammer dropped and already they have podcasts out and I’m sure videos coming soon. It may take months for a viable business plan to come together. In the meantime let’s just keep their power on, ramen on the table, and enough hope in the air so most of the gang sticks around rather than leave for greener pastures.

  27. blah blah says:

    ROBERT ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Devin Padgett says:

    HELL YEAH! Keep the dream alive, guys! I’m DEFINITELY gonna be listening! Is this gonna be a regular thing, or kind of a one time thing?

  29. Drakesfortune says:


    I’m not trying to be hard on them, I’m just asking and hoping that they go into it with an entrepreneurial spirit and not settle on doing it for the art of it alone. I’ve run several recording studios over the years, and I’ve never seen one run for love it (ie free or very low cost) last longer than a year or two. These guys did a really smart thing in releasing a podcast right away. That was the best move they could make. They then committed to keep doing it and got it up on itunes. These were critical moves IMO. If they want to be successful they need to use the public awareness that’s out there right now to get them off on the right foot. They’ll never have another opportunity to have so many eyes and ears paying attention to their plans as they do right now. So that’s why I think they need to act quickly.

    I love what these guys do, and I just want them to succeed so that I can continue to enjoy their stuff. Realistically they need to be paid for this, or it’ll never last. So I hope they try to make a business of it and they ask for donations and support not just for podcasting equipment, but so that they can get paid. In the recording business I’ve seen a lot of musicians and recording engineers/producers come into the studio working for free, and five years later they’re all working at McD’s or doing customer service for some shit company.

    The RebelFM crew have an enormous opportunity right here, right now. If they think through the business side of things now, and think through how this can help pay for their talents, then this could be something that in the long term evolves into a full time income for them. They just have to plan it now and take advantage of it now, because as I said, they’ll never have the exposure they’ve got right now again. They should look at that 11k for podcasting equipment and realize that there are a LOT of people out here willing to donate to a CAUSE like this, which is what it is, and how you frame it for maximum success.

    And again, they really should try to get donations from companies as well, as you can’t buy better publicity than telling the fans that a certain company makes your show possible. It’s gold.

  30. Adam S / Akamu says:

    More than anything I want the old GFW crew to at least make visits if not become regulars: Ryan, Anthony, Robert, Shawn, Jeff, and even Malloy if he’d come out of his Blizzard cave!

  31. braktheitalian says:

    @ Nate: You’re a prick. These guys did an incredible service to us by pursuing what they’re passionate about and sharing it with us in 4 mediums: EGM, 1UP Show, Podcasts, Then, after losing their jobs DURING CHRISTMAS BREAK, they banded together and decided not to give up the dream. Do you get paid for the work you do, Nate? I’m betting you do. Or else you’re an internet troll kid. Anyway, unless I’m out of it, the donate button was made because of requests from fans.

    @ Ex-1UPpers: Thanks. I really appreciate what you guys do. I commute between Austin and San Antonio a lot and I always listen to 1UP podcasts. Without all of the insight gleaned from those, I wouldn’t have been such an asset to friends and family wanting to know about the quality of certain games.

  32. Alex Wait says:

    If Shawn was ever to be on a regular podcast again…

    What a day that would be.

  33. Maverick says:

    Awesome I was wondering what he was going to do. I know he is gonna be great. I also love what you guys are doing keep up the good work.

  34. Formerly MQ says:

    Hey i listened to you guys from gfw radio… Ryan – stop apologizing – you rock. Also, Ryan & Anthony, get a PC related podcast up (if you haven’t already) and SWAG is a great idea!! It does get people to pay you guys for the stuff you do and they get something back for it, which is rewarding. Get Ashley on here (if he isnt already) Those are my hopes. You are my dreams. Peace

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