Rebel FM — Episode 8 — 02/26/09

And this weeks episode was so well planned. Please join the usual crew of Anthony Gallegos, Arthur Gies, and Philip Kollar, and our special guests Tyler Barber and Robert Ashley as we demonstrate exactly how off-topic a video game podcast can get! This weeks music is courtesy of Death From Above 1979(Romantic Rights), Evergreen Terrace (Chaney Can’t Riff Quite Like Helmet), and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (Young Adult Friction).

This is probably why there was never any alcohol consumed during GFW Live.

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  1. Andy says:

    Thanks. Don’t worry about the digressions, it’s what made GFW Radio great; when the cast is having a good time, I’m having a good time.

  2. McAesp says:

    Going off topic is good for a change. Hearing you guys having fun is what I like.

  3. Harold Burnett says:

    Working the graveyard shift on the East coast pays off again .

  4. McAesp says:

    That’s the one good thing about living in Australia. It’s only 8:45pm here.

  5. Harold Burnett says:

    You are lucky I still have two hours of work left.

  6. McAesp says:

    At least you’ve got the Rebel FM podcast to keep you company. Try not to watch the clock. Always makes it worse for me.

  7. McAesp says:

    Now we’re getting off topic. Promise my next post will be about gaming and the podcast… Goodnight all in USA.

  8. FilthySpringbok says:

    Woohoo! Friday Night RebelFM and beer ftw! :D

  9. phantom says:

    Anyone else having problems accessing the podcast? I can’t even see it on the Rebel FM section of the iTunes store…

  10. Gert says:

    Thank you Arthur for staying up late to finish it.

    Thank you sir.

  11. McAesp says:

    You’re right, it’s not there. You can get it if you click subscribe. It will download the latest one (this one)

  12. McAesp says:

    It might need time to replicate through the iTunes store. Mine downloaded as soon as it was posted. The benefits of subscription.

  13. Karl says:

    Can’t wait to listen to this after work :)

  14. phantom says:

    @McAesp: Nifty trick that. I’d already subscribed though, and it didn’t pick it up automatically when I went looking for it first time round. Strange, but at least I have it now – thanks for your help

  15. Crunks says:

    Glad I stayed up late tonight, I’ll listen to it in bed.

  16. KindGalaxy says:

    Holy shit, fuck. This is the best damn podcast episode ever. I spat bourbon on my monitor @ 1 hour 2 minutes

  17. JP says:

    Crap! I missed the preshow questions! I really gotta pay more attention to the site.

  18. indieinsd says:

    Thank god its out.

    Just watched ‘Dear Zachary’ on my Roku and need something ‘fun’ to listen to.

  19. Harold Burnett says:

    I just downloaded from the site with no problem.And this my be the funniest podcast I have listen in a long time.And one more thing no need to apologize for the laughing ,it only makes the podcast more fun to listen to.You guys are having a good time and we are in turn having a good time listing to you.

  20. aratto says:

    Yeah, this is the best episode so far. I’m halfway through and this is totally channeling GFW Radio; sometimes you have to throw out the playbook — or at least put it on hold — to let flow and enthusiasm guide the conversation.

    When the second segment started I sensed you guys weighing spontaneity versus structure, feeling obligated to adhere to the appointed topic but at the same time wanting to indulge. I paused it, so I’ll find out which won after I finish typing this message.

    The episodes/parts of GFW Radio that are a bit of a drag to listen to now are the ones where they stuck to talking about games, oddly enough. I like to relisten to old episodes and it’s hard to sit there and listen to Oblivion discussion. But on the other hand, a show entirely devoted to fooling around might hold up with time (which GFW wasn’t, it was a mix), but it wouldn’t provide the serious game commentary that you guys are trying to deliver.

    So I guess my final thought is: digressions into the weird and personal are good for every roundtable podcast because I think people become more attached to personalities than talking points; strike a balance: loosen up once in awhile, but keep the serious discussion. Just be natural.

  21. SmoothBond says:

    I’m a big fan of the show, followed you guys since your 1UP days and am an avid Listener of the RebelFM Podcast. Your show last week about Sex and Violence in VideoGames was a major let down though. Its all well and good having a serious debate about sex and Violence in Videogames but I think, cant remember who it was that said Curb stomping in Gears 2 made him uncomfortable because of the racial undertones, that really is taking the proverbial p!ss. I mean guys give me a break, lets not forget what we’re podcasting about here, GAMES, nothing more, nothing less, I doubt if the creators of COD or Gears had anything more in mind other than just a few hours of escapism, they certainly werent trying to elicit Social Commentary. I’m not saying the topic shouldnt be discussed but lets not get carried away here, and start seeing ghosts where there arent any, sometimes a Curb stomp is nothing more than just a Curb Stomp. and by the way I’m a Black Guy from the UK.. SmoothBond

  22. aratto says:

    @20: He wasn’t talking about intentional commentary, he was talking about racism being strongly associated with that act and due to that, it evokes that connection in the player and can make him feel uncomfortable. Just like N’Gai Croal wasn’t accusing Capcom of being racists, but wanted to make sure they were aware that the imagery involved with Resident Evil 5 has a history.

  23. JP says:

    That first segment might have been the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. There might have been 30 quotes from it. Seriously, I almost fell down laughing. Keep up the good work!

  24. David R says:

    I haven’t left my house for more than 1 hour in over 2 years. I generally never go outside and I do just fine. Maybe it’s not for everyone but I don’t get why it seems to conjure up thoughts of people going insane or whatever. It’s easy mode.

  25. FilthySpringbok says:

    Almost finished and I have to say, Bobito Maxchill is my favorite guest…especially when he’s drunk!

  26. Panu says:

    Isabelle Dinoire, born 1967, was the first person to undergo a partial face transplant, after her Labrador dog mauled her in May 2005.

  27. WayneR says:

    Going off topic is what makes podcasts fun.

    If someone listens to a podcast just for news then they can be redirected to a news and boring discussion then they can be redirected to a news website (gaming or otherwise).

  28. SmoothBond says:

    @21: Fair Enough

  29. Alan says:

    oh man, please have Robert Ashley on the show again! not only is he funny, but he is like totaly on the same wave length as me….despite me not groing up in or anywhere near Texas.

  30. Th3 Space Pope says:

    Fantastic Show guys.

  31. MoralDilema says:

    Can’t wait to listen to Robert Ashley. Miss his eating during the podcast. Made me laugh all the time…

  32. aratto says:

    Looks like spontaneity and structure both won in the second half. Excellent.

  33. Max says:

    Okay I’ve been listening since episode 2 of this Rebel FM podcast and this was the best episode yet. I haven’t even finished it and I love it. Please talk about CIV every week it gives me tears of joy. Also, I listen to the other gaming podcasts and this one is definetly reaching there level. You guys just need some bumpers for sections. Awesome show, Awesome Podcast.

  34. tensei says:

    Awesome episode guys, I laughed so much around the middle of the episode. Made of WIN! Epic!

  35. K.A. says:

    i normally consider Giant Bomb the funniest video game podcast but this episode put to shame anything that they have put out. i have never laughed so hard at a podcast. like someone mentioned previously i think it was good that you guys scaled back the games a bit and just talked about whatever came up and made the podcast as much about fun as being informative. great job and keep it up and above all else bring robert ashley back.

  36. Carlos Ortiz says:

    I will donate a six pack to Bobito if it means that he becomes a regular guest.

    Honestly, this is what has been missing from my podcast lineup since the fall of GFW Radio. I’m not asking for a podcast full of randomness, just one not afraid to run with a tangent and not attempt to keep it professional. I get that kind of stuff from NPR.

    “A Life Well Wasted” is as close to NPR as a gaming focused podcast should get, in my opinion. We don’t need you to comment on the news unless you have something insanely insightful to say.

    What we do need is a reminder of why we love the culture BEHIND gaming while we toil away at our day jobs.

  37. Will says:

    Yeah, the GFW was surely in the room.

  38. Josh H says:

    This is the best episode so far. I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. Robert Ashley needs to come back often.

  39. Colby says:

    you should have more volta do mar on the podcast!

  40. Brian says:

    I have never laughed so hard listening to a podcast. Thank you guys so much. KRAAATOSSSS!

  41. nick says:

    Personally, I thought Robert was hilarious. Ok sometimes the conversation went off-track for maybe a little TOO long but oh well. It was fun and I was definitely laughing along with you guys. I don’t think the podcast felt thinner or anything without Nick Suttner, in case you wanted feedback on that. Not sure how to put it.

  42. Randy says:

    Are you guys serious? This is easily the worst podcast they’ve had so far.

  43. @Randy: That, good sir, is your opinion. An opinion which, while valid, is overwhelmingly in the minority.

  44. Chris says:

    Oh man, best episode ever, You need Robert Ashley on more often! Hilarious!

  45. Aaron says:

    Best. Episode. Yet. Dr. Max Chill needs to be on more often.

  46. Andrew T says:

    I laughed uncontrollably and loved it! Got a lot of weird looks from people while walking down the street laughing myself to tears.

  47. BJ says:

    Anthony, please post up some pictures of you cats…

    Good episode, thanks.

  48. naaathannn says:

    I’m nearly an hour in this podcast, this is the most enjoyable podcast I heard from you guys. I really enjoyed the tangents, they were extremely entertaining.

    “Why are we even talking about video games?!”

    I’m sure a lot of people enjoyed the tangents and the podcast doesn’t seem light at all.

    I’ve been getting a lot of looks in my cubicle >.> from my laughing.


  49. Dennis says:

    Sounds like a shit episode but i’ll give it a chance.

  50. Pancho_Villasan says:

    Death From Above is amazing…too bad they broke up right after I got into them.

  51. Mathew says:

    Holy shit best episode ever

    Make Robert Ashley Regular!!!!

  52. oldballs says:


  53. monkeystick says:

    thanks guys – great conversation and flow on this one

  54. nick says:

    is there anyway to contact Robert? His website and Twitter off no real ways of sending him an actual email.

  55. CagedMantis says:

    Make Robert Ashley a regular. Best episode thus far.

  56. KiroLM says:

    This had such a GFW Golden Era feel to it.

    This needs to happen more!

  57. Zenneth says:

    This podcast is oozing GFW Radio.

  58. Graeme says:

    DFA! Awesome show, guys. Best one so far.

    “Jesus is such a cock block!”

  59. james says:

    three words – more robert ashley

  60. Ian says:

    Great show guys… tangents are always good… GFW Radio flashback commences. Anyway, on the topic of music and games, I associated most of the alt rock(Bush, STP, Oasis, Foo Fighters, etc) of the mid 90′s with playing Quake and Team Fortress on MPlayer and Gamespy back in the day. Every time I hear a song I think of playing those games non-stop back in the day. I’ve always listened to music while I played games, so most of the music I have can in some way be associated with a game. Thanks again guys, keep up the good work.

  61. Kevin says:

    As has already been stated, this was by far the best episode. It was excellent to hear Chuff and Robert do what they do best.

  62. Brian says:

    Please have Robert Ashley back. Dr. Max Chill always brings the good medicine.

  63. jeff says:

    please more off topic stuff, thats what made GFW so good

  64. xrayzwei says:

    The Dr. was most definately IN this episode.

    Where did the Gearbox thing come from? Last I heard on the 12th that Colonial Marines just got moved to multi-player only, not cancelled, unlike the Aliens RPG.

  65. Jordan C. says:

    Great episode! I am one of those fools that followed GFW because it was great even when they didn’t talk about games. The laughing, joking, and Dr. Max-not-so-hill Madness Texan Pent Up Shizz The Madness Drinking The Sugar The Madness Bobbito venting. I could not stop laughing…”John Davison’s dad listens to this podcast. Why?” FTMFW

  66. CripsanBludz says:

    Yes pleze replace Aurthur with Maximum Chill WOO

  67. Thanks to the regular Eat-Sleep-Game & RebelFM crew – Episode 8 is a triumph.

    THE 1 CONSOLE salutes Robert Ashley’s elastic off-topic meanderings!

  68. CallMeSarge says:

    Well holy shit, it’s like someone dug up the corpse of GFW Live, pumped that shit fulla bawls and tequila and pressed record. Gentlemen, I salute you. You’re all fuckin mentalists, and that was the best damn podcast I have heard in a long time. I sprayed beer when Robbo and Chuf were talkin about rubbing one out! It was so good, I gotta score you!

    Phil Kollar 9/10
    Prefect Hosting, glad u got to chat a bit of WoW, kudos for letting the bullshit run.

    Chuf Money 9/10
    Honest, funny, made me spray beer on my desk. You gotta fuckin love this guy!

    Arfur Geese 9/10
    Growing into a proper Podcast Pro, insightful, argumentative, will be a fixture for years to come.

    Tyler Barber 9/10
    Good Texas chat, woulda liked to hear more from ya. Speak up son!

    Dr Bobbito Maxx Chill 10/10
    A fuckin legend in podcasting. Chimp attack and full ballsack, this man chats shit on a level no man knows.

    You guys did such a good job as a team, I think it’ll be hard to top next week. Bobbito for forth chair! Thanks for all the laffs!

  69. dbr says:

    Oh my god, I’m laughing so hard right now.. I really, really needed this after the week I had..

  70. Csprunger says:

    Epic show. Robert Ashley is fuckin awesome. I nominate him to take Nick’s chair.

  71. ibplunderin says:

    Thought it was a good show, brought me back to GFW Radio its good to just listen to stories.
    Talking about games is fine, but the ranting and hilarity that you guys talk about when you get completely off topic is really fun to hear.

  72. Dylan says:

    Hey guys, I just wanted to give props on a music choice this week. I was almost done listening, and laughing hysterically, whenever I heard you guys play some Evergreen Terrace for a break. I actually toured with them a couple of times as a photographer back in the day. I haven’t seen those guys in about 5 years now since I moved to Atlanta to work for Cartoon Network but they’re still buddies from my hometown of Jacksonville. If you’ve ever seen an older photo of them, especially live, it’s probably mine. You might find some of them here:

    Anyway, it was cool to hear them on the podcast. Definitely came out of left field. Keep up the good work fo sho.


    Anyway, whoever’s choice it was

  73. J says:

    Death from Above. Hell yes.

  74. Alan says:

    I actually died twice from laughter. This is a postmortem comment for a most epic podcast. Keep up the amazing work, which I suppose means stay off task.

  75. Ryan says:

    Ya Robert Ashley needs to be on full time. Between him and Anthony I was dying !!

    Awesome show once again guys, don’t ever be afraid to go off topic ! Leads to gold.

  76. Nicholas Kent says:

    The greatest podcast I have ever listened to. I also like Tyler Barber and Robert Ashley, THE TEXANS. But damn, this was the greatest podcast since; GFW, ALWW, and the Christmas 1up yours.
    Blame me I live in Florida.

  77. Mauricio says:

    I was sad to see Nick leave but if we can get Robert Ashley to Guest Star every fucking episode…i’d call it even steven.\

    ROBERT, COME BACK WEEKLY!! Keep your podcast too. That first episode was intelligent with excellent production value! A+!

  78. Nicholas Kent says:

    Also Anthony, Kudos. Kudos to Phil also for just saying fuck it and letting the shit run.

  79. TheToiletduck says:

    This was fucking awsesome!

    Funniest podcast i’ve heard in ages.

    Kudos guys.. the part about busting a nut made me hurt with laughter!

  80. Andrew says:

    I love Robert Ashley. Podcasts usually loose my attention pretty quickly but I was crying with laughter through most of this podcast.

  81. Tainted says:

    This episode was hilarious, Robert is one of the funniest people I have listened to in a long time. If I could I would hang with him.

  82. Tom says:

    I think that was the best podcast I have ever heard! Please have Robert Ashley on every week! Great Show! Looking forward to episode 9 :)

  83. Gareth says:

    Robert Ashley is fantastic, best show yet.

  84. voodooray says:

    I must have looked like a loon, giggling to myself whilst travelling home after work on the tube listening to this. Great work guys =)

  85. Cole says:

    Best Rebel FM so far.

  86. wrza says:

    you guy think that games with powerups, like CoD4′s powerup (and death tanks mentioned powerups), would benefit from a hardcore mode similar to diablo 2′s hardcore ladder season?

    hardcore vanilla only mode (or however you can do it on XBLA).

    if there already IS a vanilla mode then i apologize, i dont have the game! i haven’t played COD since 1 hahaha (i DO have WaW sitting in my Steam untouched)

  87. Shuborno says:

    Now that was entertaining!

    You guys need to invite Robert Ashley every week.

  88. Nagmine says:

    I hope Robert is a usual guest, this podcast was hilarious.

  89. pedantics says:

    It has come to my attention that Nick Suttner’s passing (RIP) has left a vacant chair/mic. With that in mind, I have the following list of demands.

    1. Make Robert Ashley a regular cast member

    That is all.

  90. Jacob says:

    I forgot how much I missed GFW.
    Perfect show.. just stop whining and apologizing about being ‘off topic’

  91. MavTrav says:

    Awesome Podcast, Like most people said, its nice to go off topic and not be so structured. Just a podcast that discusses games and gaming culture is awesome, its better than going from segment to segment like the average podcast does

  92. John Belmont says:

    this weeks podcast has been my favorite just far… well done guys. You made me remember what it’s like to sit around with my old friends before I moved and just talk and drink. Seriously it was rad.

  93. Hey! Just, like, a really small thing, IMO.
    The Portal quote in your intro is stupid IMHO and you went backwards IMHO after last week. Have you considered a Dig Dug reference? Just my opinion.

    Keep doing things that piss everyone off! It’s great!
    You should IMHO use the laptop mics regularly and IMHO eat loud food and IMHO rustle packets and IMHO spoil Lost and IMHO preface all remarks with a disclaimer that it’s just your opinion.

    Cheers, guys!

  94. StormHarbinger says:

    Tweet props have already gone out, but this podcast was INSPIRED. I bust a gut.

  95. ytown4 says:

    More Robert Ashley!!!

  96. Samit Sarkar says:

    Wow, that was absolutely hilarious! I was in tears laughing during the “bust a nut” portion — people on the subway were giving me some weird looks, but that didn’t matter. Best show yet!

  97. PCGamer says:

    Awesome MF Show!

    One of the best endings to a podcast that I have listened so far.

  98. wtf says:

    is there some reason it is apparently impossible to actually listen to this without iTunes?

  99. GoJohnny says:

    The direct link seems dead, and ITunes won’t download it either. Anyone else having problems?

  100. Wesley says:


    “Make Robert Ashley Regular!!!!”

    I had no idea he was blocked. Brother needs some Metamucil.

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