Rebel FM Game Club – Star Wars: Republic Commando – Episode 1

Welcome back to Game Club. This time around our selection is Star Wars: Republic Commando.

Republic Commando is a tactical FPS that puts you in the shoes of a Republic Commando, the elite unit of the Galactic Empire’s clone army during the Clone Wars, set between Star Wars Episodes II and III.

This week we talk about the first section, the Genosian campaign. For next time, be sure to play through the second campaign (this will be a three episode series, one for each campaign). May the Penis be with you!

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  1. Karl Rosner says:

    How did you capture video for this one, when I tried my fraps decided to have a seizure and only record 5 frames a second.

  2. Rich Matney says:

    GAH!!!! i need to find this game STAT!!!

  3. phantom says:

    Great choice again, I played this for a while when it came out but never finished it. It seemed to get a bit overlooked at the time considering how good it is. I just got Hitman and now I’ve gotta try find this one too

  4. Caeb Brooks says:

    If you need help taking out superbattle droids order your team to focus on the super battle droid then circle strafe around with your primary weapon or on of its attachments and punch it with the miniture blade that goes for the weak ones to save ammo with one hit melee kills.

  5. Small correction, “set between Star Wars Episodes I and II”. The game opens up with the invasion of Geonosis which is set at the end of Episode II.

    “THOSE FUCKING NERDS!!!!”-Drunken Gamers Radio

  6. tadcalabash says:

    At times I feel that there’s a disconnect between what the game teaches you is effective and what it then asks you to do.

    What I mean is that the combat is very defensive oriented… the abundance of cover points, the deadliness of more difficult enemies if you’re caught out in the open. But there have been many encounters so far that require you to advance and complete an objective in an indefensible position to stop the infinite flood of enemies.

    Maybe it’s just my own personal preference for a defensive mentality, but I very often feel the style of play the game promotes is at odds with the objectives it gives you.

  7. AlkalineSolo says:

    can someone explain to me how to take out those flying bugs that shoot a stream of fire at you? i waste all my ammo trying to kill one, and i’m thinking there’s an easy way to do it.

  8. Deano says:

    if you are plauing on a pc i use gamecam to capture video’s the full paid version works great.

    as far as the game goes i didn’t play this game when it was first released and i am really enjoying the game. at first i found the game very linear but the game has a good amount of action that it doesn’t get boring. the one thing that bugged me the most is i found that i was always trying to keep my team alive because they seem to die a lot when u are in some of the more hectic battles. and i wished they didn’t advance without me, because i would like to send them to get health before we move on, but they have already ran ahead. but other then that its a lot fun.

    • Bad Decisions says:

      They’re probably set to search and destroy. Hit F2 and they’ll form up around you and follow your lead. F1 makes them rush ahead without you.

  9. nadesico33 says:

    While I liked the game when I originally played it years ago, the narrative is a little weak. However, the first Republic Commando novel from Karen Traviss (SW: RC: Hard Contact) was released at the same time as part of a pseudo cross-promotion. I originally expected a rather shameless cash-in, but found that the book (and the following series) had a much stronger plotline, and actually fleshed out the timeframe of the Clone Wars much better than the game.

    Well that and Karen Traviss (as I later found out), is also a massive fan of Mandalorians. Every SW book she’s written has included them in some way, which is perfect since all the clones were made from Mandalorian stock anyways.

    Just a note, those Poison Grenades are actually Sonic Grenades, which automatically makes them better. And the Flashbangs are useful during the second campaign, just make sure you don’t get blinded by them.

  10. Scythe89 says:

    There is an unofficial sequal called Republic Commando 2 which is a mod. You can check it out here:

  11. Chris says:

    Speaking of the possibility of a sequel… In the TIE factory level of Force unleashed (which can be played by downloading the demo) 1138′s helmet can be found in a side area as an easter egg. This has caused some to believe that RC2 might already be in the works.

  12. Eric says:

    Scythe89 already said it but their is an unofficial sequel to the game….

    • Chris says:

      Yes, I did see that. I was addressing the question of a real (read: official) sequel. It is good to see that there was enough community interest to create a fan sequel, and I hope that it helps to spur the creation of an official game if one isn’t already under way.

  13. Simon says:

    So usually in a squad game all the members are so indistinctive they’re like clones of one another.

    But here there is this game where they actually are clones and they turn out to have much more of a distinct personality from one another then other squad games.

    I’m not sure if that’s funny or sad.

  14. Roogaboo says:

    Matt mentioned playing through to the next set of credits, but I remember Anthony mentioning a run through a slave camp. Which should we play through to? The credits, or the slave camp?

  15. Travis says:

    Kaidan was also Carth on KOTOR 1 and 2. Funny how I doubt anyone ever used him in Kotor either.

    Also the world were the Clones are farmed is Kamino.

    Also do you guys hate those little flying droids as much as I do? I got killed by them more than anything else. Especially when you go off by yourself and you aren’t paying attention.

    I also agree a sequel to the game would be nice. Lucasarts needs to get back to its roots and make us some good games.

  16. Iceveiled says:

    I think World of Warcraft should be the next game….

  17. Pazy says:

    Finally I get to follow along with a game club (though it means I have to stop myself listening to it until I get this part finished sadly). I tried to pick it up at the local GAME store but they only had it as part of the “Best of PC” Star Wars pack which has Republic Commando, KOTOR, Battlefront (1), Empire at War, Galaxy 14 day Trial and Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. I wasent happy that I couldent get just the game until (very little cash to spend) but thats a lot of game for £15, KOTOR alone will take me ages and I could play 40 hours of Battlefront with just the bots lol
    Cant wait to hear your thoughts and then criticise them because I have my own this time ;)

  18. Sam says:

    Ok, this is killing me. Who are the 16 characters to appear in at least 2 Star Wars movies.

    I got:
    1. Luke
    2. Leia
    3. Han
    4. Chewie
    5. C-3PO
    6. R2-D2
    7. Darth Vader
    8. The Emperor
    9. Wedge
    10. Lando
    11. Boba Fett
    12. Obi-Wan
    13. Yoda
    14. Dengar
    15. Piett

    ( I wouldn’t have gotten Dengar or Piett if not for the podcast )

    • Mi7ch says:

      Jabba was in more than two movies, discounting number 4. He opened the Boonta Eve race in Episode one. Nerd powers, activate!

      • Sam says:

        i think its only original trilogy movies, not including special edition material because prequel would include characters like Padme, Bail Organa, and Mace Windu to name a few which would put it over the 16.

        Thanks though. Hmm, I wonder what the number of characters would be if you included the prequels.

  19. KingCronan says:

    I think the game does a very good job of building the idea that you guys are a team and that you need each other. Later on in the game, i dread the missions where my team and I need to split up because i have become so accustomed to their presence and relying on their help that i feel really vulnerable when they are not there. I feel it’s especially a credit to the game when you consider the fact that I’m accustomed to most FPS’ where you usually are alone for the entire game.

  20. SJS says:

    I’ll pass on this game club.

    This game just doesn’t look like my piece of pie.

    I’ll still listen though.

  21. Guillermo says:

    If Anthony needs help schooling Ryan at Star Wars trivia he should check out Wookieepedia at which contains info on stuff like the Star Wars Holiday Special to even the most obscure stuff like references to hot chocolate. Further more I need to correct you on some things, Sun Fac wasn’t the one with the bug beard, that was Poggle the Lesser, Sun Fac was the one standing next to him in Episode II. Also the Katarn is also the name of a race of lizards that live on Kashyyk, which I thought you would know about since they were in KOTOR. Finally Boss’ number is 1138, a number any Lucas fan should know because it is a reference to his first film, THX 1138. I know I’m a huge nerd and I really need a girlfriend.

    • Stefan says:

      Thank you for informing them. I was going to, so I’m glad someone already did.

      • Stefan says:

        Oops, forgot to mention a couple of other things. Clone Commandos aren’t more aggressive or just better. The stock clone trooper is genetically modified so that they obey orders. Commandos are less modified, and more independent, so they can adapt better to changing situations. They are also trained differently. And the reason some of them have different voices is because they had trainers from different parts of the galaxy, and they picked up various accents from them.

  22. Andrew P says:

    I’m not playing along, but I have a quick question:

    Are the guys in this game more or less the Ninja Turtles of the Star Wars Universe? I hear talk about the leader, the tech guy, the angry badass red dude. Is the last guy the wacky one?

    And if not, why come?

    • big_oilily_turnip says:

      I had the same exact thought playing the game,

      if the bacta was a payphone to a pizza hut and if all the squad orders where all commands like Radical there would be no difference…

  23. DK says:

    If the fact that they have different voice actors despite being clones bothers you, think of it as a purely internal process: 38 hears each member of his squad differently because he can tell them apart by the subtle nuances non-clones wouldn’t pick up. So they have different voice actors in order to get the player into 38′s mindset.

  24. Hersheys1117 says:

    I finally got a damn copy and after going to more than a couple of stores around my area. Then after 1 hour of shanking robots my xbox 360 has decided to not let me play this game anymore. I’m going to pop a nut…

  25. Michael C says:

    There was a Republic Commnando game that covered Order 66. For cell phones.;title;3

  26. TechBromancer says:

    I was actually having a rough time before I listened to this because I didn’t realize you could just snap any commando to any spot. After that I was having a blast.

    One thing I suffer from is the item hording so as I’m going through the game I’m holding on to all my explosive ammo and just getting taken out left and right. Post listening to GameClub, I know better and let loose in every scenario. Definitely makes me feel a bit more bad ass setting up my team and running in guns blazing.

    I loved the countdown at the end, and even though I head you guys talk about how it was real, the voice over gave me this sense of urgency that I gotta get out of there!

    Time to tackle that ship.

  27. BaldSamurai says:

    I passed this game up when it came out. Maybe because I was so jaded at how horrible the new movies were turning out. Now, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much fun I’m having. I wish it had better AI when there are no points to set your squad too. I found them stupidly squatting, buzzing around each other & not shooting at the target I designated a few times or one of them would run right up in front and get wasted.

  28. Jose says:

    Hah! I took your advice about the old video card, and went digging for that X1950XT that I thought I had burnt out. I remember it would crash for really pretty games like Bioshock and Mass Effect (why I had to buy my 4870), but for this game it is perfect. I’m able to run everything on high, including bump mapping. You guys are fucking genii!

  29. Fobwashed says:

    I heard some complaining about extraneous usage of HUD overlays on your teammates. There’s actually three different HUD settings. One being the lowlight one, one being the one you’re prolly playing on to see those colored outlines on your mates, and a third that gets rid of all the extra doohickeys. Cycle to the one that doesn’t show you the outlines and you’re golden.

    Btw, after seeing screens of what the game is supposed to look like, I cracked and loaded it up on my old Dell XPS laptop and the game looks so much better. It’s the small things but I couldn’t take how turdy the rimming on my helmet looked and how smudgy the speakers on the inside of my helmet looked. You hit the nail on the head saying that the game looks like it’s PS2 w/the bump mapping turned to low. Btw Anthony, [nerdy correcting] it’s “bump” mapping not “bit” mapping -_-;; [/nerdy correction]


  30. Simon says:

    Interesting that you do notice the lack of complete regenerating health but then of course completely skim over the innovation of the semi-death state that game after this like Gears of War and Left 4 Dead were more then happy to copy.

    (or re-invent, since game developers generally only play World or Warcraft and whatever game they’re working on and nothing else)

    And there is at least one other game where you play an embry. The alien campaign in Aliens vs. predator 2. After the opening face-hugger part you find yourself as a chesburster. Inside a chest. Where you then, as a player and not in a cutscene, tear muscle, crack and break ribs to be born.

  31. @fragtastic says:

    Havn’t read all the post but does any one know how to get the res to stay at 1680 x 1050 ? I d/l the game from STEAM and am having trouble finding the .congif or .ini files to edit ?

  32. Olson says:

    I honestly thought the timer was fake on that part of the game, I got to part where you are waiting for the cutscene to start and the timer had said 1 and a second had passed. I must have won the map by milliseconds. I just thought it was programed to end that way. Guess that makes my ending a bit more action packed I just didn’t know it at the time. Another weird thing, I was playing this game last week without even noticing you were doing a game club for it.

  33. @fragtastic says:

    so fucking annoying keep failing by about 5 seconds !!

  34. Jeff says:

    I had been planning on playing this since last year, so this was good timing. The game was so fun though that I played through the entire thing before this first Game Club came out, haha. I didn’t actually find the game all that challenging. I died pretty often but figured it was pretty normal. I guess it’s just because the only shooter I seriously played was Counter-Strike which is obviously a lot harder since its PVP. I also made the mistake of taking my time on the timer section. I had to restart it from the beginning and just rush through. The timer actually ran out before I was on the ship on my second try but I still survived for some reason.

  35. Iceveiled says:

    So I started this just last night, a little late to the party. Even though the graphics are really outdated and distractingly bad at times (having to turn down bump mapping to low doesn’t help!) I found the sound and level design to be more than enough to fully immerse me in the experience. The sound is really good for a game that is four years old.

    As was mentioned in the podcast, the feel of the weapons is disappointing, an aspect of first person shooters that really annoys me. A lot of otherwise really good FPS’s fail at making the guns feel and sound powerful (HL2, Doom 3) whereas I can think of a couple off the top of my head in which the guns were LOUD and felt hefty (Far Cry 1 on PC, and BLACK).

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds in the story and I’m enjoying my first star wars FPS experience. I think a modern shooter set in the star wars universe could really be something special.

    • Jeff says:

      I thought the graphics were fine. Did you simply not play games back in 2005?

      • Iceveiled says:

        I’ve been playing games since like 1983….INCLUDING half life two back around the same time this game came out, and Half Life 2′s graphics actually still look good today, unlike Republic commando.

        it could be that the graphics are 1024 x 768 being STRETCHED on my 22″ widescreen monitor, so they look like shit.

        I haven’t figured out how to run in my native resolution of 1680 x 1050 or whatever it is for 22″ widescreen.

  36. Feanor says:

    Jango Fett was portrayed by the New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison in Attack of the Clones.

    His most famous other role was as the abusive Jake “the Muss” Heke in 1994′s Once Were Warriors, a film that’s worth getting from NetFlix.

  37. drumecho says:

    For those who wants to dive into the main theme again and again

    Full length and intense.

  38. Pazy says:

    Would anyone be interested in setting up a time to play Multiplayer with other RebelFM fans? As far as I can remember this is the first Multiplayer capable game on Game Club/Backlog so im not sure if its really part of the experience but I remember it being a pretty fun FPS.

  39. RetroBob says:

    I’ve played quite a few Star Wars games over the years, and this one is notable by the lack of the usual “Along time ago in a galaxy far far away” followed by the opening crawl. I’ve always found this as a staple of Star Wars in all media and it must have been a concious decision to leave this out. Does anyone know why this was? Maybe a question for the devs if you get hold of them.

    The music in the ship chapter reminds me of one of the themes from the movie Aliens – there even seems to be the sound of the motion tracker weaved in!

  40. SGT.FUZZY says:

    Any one having securrom issues?

  41. Murderstorm says:

    Just a little fun fact:

    You mentioned skinheads at the beginning of this episode and I felt like I should clear a few things up being as it’s a subculture I belong to.

    There are actually three “types” of skinheads. It is important to put aside what you think you know about skinheads and look at the subculture of skinheads like you would any other, for instance punk rock kids. There could be punk rock kids who are racist (white power skinheads), there could be some who are militantly anti-racist (SHARPS), and then there are just punk rock kids who don’t use the fashion, lifestyle, and music of their subculture as part of a political agenda (skinheads, also known as traditional skinheads).

    Short version: skinheads were/are a subculture based on a particular fashion and musical taste. The image was used by white power organizations and since that’s what caught the media’s attention it is assumed that skinheads are racist.

  42. @fragtastic says:

    Seriously stumbling at ‘Belly Of The Beast’ – must have tried about 20 times to no avail. Any tips ?

  43. @fragtastic says:

    Man Belly Of The Beast is a fucking hard nut to crack

  44. kiyoshi says:

    dude i cant believe there playing this game its one of my favorite starwars games and i cant wait to hear what they say

  45. Ryan says:

    I don’t remember much of the details of this game but I do remember loving it when it first came out and being blown away by the fact that I never even heard of the game till my friend passed it on to me to play. I’d play this gameduring lunch hour at work with my coworkers all yelling and screaming at me from behind, good times definitely.

    I do remember that each of your commandos’ personalities really shone through in the game. You kind of question why they have different personalities at the start but then you just roll with it cause they’re such a fun bunch to be around.

    Anyway I don’t think I’ll be able to join you guys with this one just cause of lack of time, but I am certainly glad that this game is getting a lot of love, and hopefully enough that Lucas will decide to make a sequel (though I doubt it).

  46. Fobwashed says:

    I’ve known this for a while now, but only while playing this game did it really hit me how much achievements and trophies actually detract from the pure playing for fun I used to get. What I mean is that nowadays, when I start to play a new game, I’ll always browse through the achievements to see if there’s anything that I should be trying to accomplish while I play a game instead of just playing it for fun.

    Something that seems to pop up pretty often in shooters is the “kill this amount of enemies with this gun” type achievement. That’ll cause me to consciously think about what gun I’m using not from a fun or effectiveness in a certain situation point of view but from a statistical I need to kill this many more enemies mindset. While that’s not exactly a terrible thing, it does keep me from just purely enjoying the game. This was in Ghostbusters and I especially remember playing the new Wolverine game in a systematically kill everything by using specific moves way.

    There’s a bunch of other stupid collection type objectives that bug me also. For the first time in what seems like years, I’m playing a game w/out looking around every nook and cranny or keeping track of stupid numbers. I let my team do a lot of the work for me, and that’s what got me thinking about how I don’t mind that they’re getting all the kills while I sit back and direct from cover.

    Of course, none of this would matter if I was just sane of mind and didn’t care about my e-peen score. But I do care. To the point where I find myself not as inclined to play games that have no lasting visible accumulative achievement attatched to it -_-;;

    • Hana C. says:

      y’know, I didn’t think about it until reading your post that there isn’t any collectibles. I do like points/trophies because they make me play more of a game than I otherwise would have. For example, I’d never would have tried Red Faction’s multi-player if there weren’t so many points tied to it (and I’ve had a lot of fun!). But yes, for once it’s nice not having to be OCD and check every nook and cranny of every level for secrets.

  47. @fragtastic says:

    The end of this section where you have 4 minutes is a fucking joke for me, I am struggling to get through it to the point of saying fuck you to the game and deleting it.

  48. David Turner says:

    On the second mission, it took me a couple tries to get used to the idea my squad wasn’t around. The enemies popped out of weird nooks and crannies, generally getting the better of me. To my delight, an enemy dropped a shotgun. The boomstick ended up being my primary weapon of choice for the rest of the mission besides the rare cases where I’m presented with a long hall. In most cases I ran in like a berserker my first try shotgun in hand, but a few situations actually called for thorough planning picking off certain enemies with my sniper rifle.

    The miniboss, a Trandoshan elite, was a fucking joke. I had max ammo on at least two of my grenades, my grenade launcher, and my trusty shotgun. I spent five to ten tries trying to unload all my explosives as fast as I could only to be mowed down by that cheap gatling gun. Giving up was not an option. Like a pokemon on last resort I charged ahead during the brief period the elite is distracted, circle strafing it for a good minute spanning my melee attack, and screaming. The elite dropped on my first try. Conclusion: this game is fun, but goddamn is it broken.

    • Scythe89 says:

      Try the sniper rifle, every shot will stun him long enough for you to hit him again. If you get a head shot or two you can drop him very fast.

      • David Turner says:

        Gah. I did not read that second paragraph before clicking “submit”.


        The miniboss, a Trandoshan elite, was a fucking joke. I had max ammo on at least two of my grenades, my grenade launcher, and my trusty shotgun. I spent five to ten tries unloading all my explosives as fast as I could only to be mowed down by that cheap gatling gun. It seemed illogical that all my explosives are incapable of taking down this one enemy. I wasn’t making progress, so I threw whatever reasoning out the window. Like a pokemon on last resort, I charged ahead when it was distracted, circle strafing it while spamming the melee attack button. After a minute of this, I took down the elite first try. Conclusion: this game is fun, but goddamn is it broken.

  49. Fredrik H says:

    My favourite moment of the game, so far, was probably the first thing that happened during the second mission where Scorcher and Sev first banters (-”did you hear that, Sev? They think I’m fantastic.” -”Then there’s two of you.”) to then fist-bump in that beautiful “Army of Two”-guy love way.

    Other than that, the second level is fucking balls so far (balls in hard, not boring).

    • tadcalabash says:

      Some more great squadmates humor:

      (After cancelling an order) “Are you trying to baffle the enemy into submission sir?”

      “If we’re all clones, why am I the only one with a sense of humor?”

      (After discussion of helping the wookies) “Yeah! Wookie life debts for everyone!”

  50. Hana C. says:

    The Trando Array gun was my best friend for most of this chapter. I had WAY too much fun with that thing.

    This chapter made me yell way too many things at the screen that I couldn’t repeat in polite company, sometimes because I felt like a bad-ass, and sometimes because I was so damn frustrated.

    I appreciated the ability to set up traps in hallways and in the hangers. It made the game feel like something more than just a shooter.

  51. The 2nd mission gave me flashbacks of Duke Nukem 3D. Fighting boar-like creatures on a spaceship with a shotgun that looks just like the machine gun from Duke.

    I think the game falls apart on this mission, mainly due to it abandoning everything that made the first third of the game so great. You no longer have a team to direct, you no longer have enemies you need to strategize around, and you are stuck in tight corridors that limit you. It’s still fun but it reminds me of Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway’s solo segments that just made me think, “Yeah but why?” It adds tension to be abandoned by your team, but when this is drawn out for the entire mission it just becomes annoying.

    • Hana C. says:

      But is such a relief when you meet up with everyone again. I felt kind of dumb to be so excited to see an AI controlled character!

      • Bad Decisions says:

        I had the same feelings as lonely. The whole squad mechanic makes you really feel like a badass leader of a squad of badasses, and directing them into efficient formations based on the tactical situation is the funnest part of the game…then some nerferder (I can’t wait to see if anybody corrects me on the spelling/usage of that word) thought it would be a good idea to take that away for, like, A THIRD OF THE GAME. I thought it was cool for the first five minutes. But then it kept going on and on to long after the point where I felt they should have reunited us. That’s when I just got annoyed that I couldn’t do the thing I bought the game for.

        Also, at the beginning when your intel officer tells you “as squad leader, you may be tasked with helping your other squadmates with their objectives,” I had a humorless chuckle at that. “So what you’re saying is that I’M actually just gonna have to go ahead and do everything myself.” Damn you video games.

        I also find myself wishing you would undertake some more actual covert operations. While you do undertake an assassination mission at the beginning, you’re not exactly quiet about it. You might as well be on the front lines of the war, taking out droves of enemy troops. While I’m not thinking Rainbow Six style stealth, I’d maybe be more inclined to say something like Mark of Kri’s style where you could go through most of a level quietly taking down sentries but there where still full-on fights. The way this game plays, I just don’t feel like the type of elite black ops squad the game makes these guys out to be. I’m still enjoying the game immensely, but I think a gameplay style like that could make the game much more interesting.

        Which also reminds me of another possible game club choice: Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. The similar style gave me the idea, and I’m not sure that many people played it. I know I didn’t. That’s more for down the road though, don’t wanna play the exact same game back to back.

  52. @fragtastic says:

    I have never used the quick save so many times in a game before and I can’t remember dying this many times in a game before either.

  53. @fragtastic says:

    Have to say that I am enjoying this section section a lot more than the first now that I have a better grip on the game and especially the team control mechanics. Makes me laugh though how linear it is and how you are pretty much spoon fed your way through the missions. But, the Star Wars being so vast it would be very dificult to make an “open world” Star Wars game you have to admit. To the Rebel crew, do you think its possible to make an open world Star Wars game on the scale of say GTA ?

  54. Hana C. says:

    wouldn’t this beat out GTA?

  55. Thought I’d toss in some early recommendations for future game club picks. These are all games I feel have been overlooked, misunderstood, and fit in with past Gameclub picks:

    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic – Unlike any game you’ve ever played. It’s a FPS in a fantasy setting that merges Half-Life 2 theatrics with some basic RPG elements. Tom Chick’s review is one of the worst things that ever happened to the site (along with his awful Penumbra: Black Plague review).

    Penumbra: Black Plauge – Anthony got me into this game and I’m pretty sure he’ll get everyone else into it too if they gave it a chance. This is where the survival horror genre should have gone a decade ago.

    Pathologic – Probably the most overlooked but loved PC game this decade. Only a few have played it but all of them have gone on to make 10 blog posts about it. There is no describing how unique of an experience it is. Let’s just say that it’s the only game I can think of that has fan translation even though it’s already in English. Yes the original translation is bad but the game is so good that people feel compelled to make it even better. If you are feeling FPS apathy, then this game will inspire you.

    Realms of the Haunting – I am going beyond obscure here by picking a game that requires you to run Dosbox but it deserves to be re-evaluated by the “games as art”-obsessed fanboys. People are often looking for games to evolve past where we are now, but that’s hard to do when gems like RotH never get their due. It’s essentially System Shock in a Lovecraftian story/setting. Worth seeking out, despite initial Dosbox pains.

    I know you guys are going to pick whatever you want to pick, but please look into and consider some of these titles. Honestly, I think we can all use a break from another shooter. Love ya guys. I’ve been making cotton candy for you, Tyler…

  56. Jon says:

    Man, mission 2 was so up-and-down for me. The sections defending the hangars were generally excellent and really fun, but were way too small a part compared to the rest of the campaigns pure running and gunning.

    There were a couple of times where I thought if I hadn’t been playing it for gameclub I just would’ve stopped. I don’t think it was necessarily a difficulty thing either, but it seemed like a lot of the encounters just highlighted most/all of the bad points of the game mechanics in a sustained way that was really at odds with the very enjoyable first chapter for me.

    My favorite fuck-up is the section where you’re “trapped” in a corridor with a regular-droid constructor while Sev (I think?) slices the door: as far as I could figure, it’s not possible to blow that constructor up without the droids chopping you to death eventually but the fact the droids suck soo much makes the idea of trying to “fend them off” a complete joke, I just ran around the constructor meleeing them and it completely disarmed any tension/challenge/purpose.

    It really got me to hating those Trandoshans though, using the melee on just about every damn one of them was such a catharsisgasm!!!

    • tadcalabash says:

      Did anyone else immediately think, “Man, those are some fucked up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” the first time you saw a Trandoshan? I can’t have been the only one.

      In any case, I agree that this mission has an up-and-down feeling to it. It started out with those annoying flying scavenger bots (inaccurate weapons + flying enemies with erratic movement = frustration) and got marginally better with the introduction of the messed up Ninja Turtles.

      Once you find your squad, there was probably my favorite section of the game, the detention center area. Lots of clean sight lines and efficient sniping spots made moving through the level satisfying.

      The level stays thrilling up through the defending of the hangers, ratcheting up the excitement until you’re given control of the massive mech. You then can take out all your frustrations in some lovely destruction.

      Then the worst part of the game so far rears it’s ugly head. The final time limited slog to the end. Unlike the first level you can’t just go blazing through, grenades flying, because of the turrets.

      After many many tries I finally got through to the bridge and had two snipers in position while me and the 3rd squad member handled the terminals. Lets just say there was not a lot of time spent up there where at least one of the squad was not dead.

      Sniper A would go down, and as I’m reviving him Sniper B goes down. After he’s finally up I go down, and once I’m up Terminal guy bites it… insanely frustrating.

      If the final level ends with a frantic escape through a wave of wookies as Kashyyyk explodes around you… I’m going to send a Leprechaun to Lucasarts.

      • CrossXhunteR says:

        I did not even relize the final section was time limited. I occasionally heard counting but it never became too pressing. Also in the area with the 3 minute long slices, i sent my squad to do all the slicing at once and I became a shock grenade lobbing fool.

        • tadcalabash says:

          Yeah, looking back now maybe my strategy was flawed.

          • Bad Decisions says:

            Yeah, I had zero frustration with that last 3-man splice job. I just sent all my squadmates on the task and backed them up myself. The SBD’s never came up the ramp, and only one or two of the flimsy tin cans would head up either ramp at a time, so I just spent the minute running from one ramp to the other knifing down the little suckers. By the end, all my squadmates were still in the green and I was only in the yellow because I was standing out in the open for a few seconds as I issued the orders to the squad. Piece of cake.

            • David Turner says:

              I had a very DIY approach to that final section. I threw my squad at the sniper posts to make use of there phenomenal accuracy. I on the other hand made use of my amazing leader ability to both slice and crouch at the same time, which made me out of reach from enemy fire. I had to throw a few grenades and revive someone between terminals 2 and 3, but other than that it was a cinch.

  57. David says:

    This will be my first game club! I really like this game and happen to own it. I got as far as the first episode previously, but my save is corrupted. I am a huge Mandalorian nerd, so this game always gets me pumped. The RC books are some of the better Star Wars books out there. No War and Peace, but they at least feel sincere thanks to Karen Travis’ military background.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Could you please make a separate RSS feed for Game Club? I like the regular show but it’s annoying having to delete this shit every time my podcatcher downloads it. Thanks.

  59. Matt H says:

    I’m about to mail anthony my copy of Kotor on pc, damn he needs to play that game. Best star wars game by a long shot.

  60. Dan says:

    I played Republic Commando years ago, and I loved it. Going back now, I see a ton of flaws in the game. One of course is the linearity, but the gameplay has not evolved well, when considering games like Rainbows Six Vegas have come out, progressing the genre.
    Also, the graphics are just really ‘smudgy.’ I’m playing on my PC on high, and I’m also getting the weird effects on my squad mates.
    I just hope this game gets better, maybe I should turn the difficulty up to medium, as I’ve been playing on easy just to get through the turtoil missions, and also because I played the game already. So far though, really disappointed. :(

  61. Kyle says:

    I don’t know how many people saw this, but I just HAVE to comment on the cringe-worthy Star Wars self-reference in the second campaign. Near the beginning, there’s some duct or something off to the side that serves no real purpose. Inside, there is a dead body and a lightsaber sitting in the corner. When you see the saber, 38 says “An elegant weapon for a more civilized age, eh? Well times have changed…”. Not only does the whole thing just make no sense at all, but the only thing I could think after seeing it was “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! PICK IT UP! PICK UP THE FUCKING LIGHTSABER!!”. Ridiculous….

    • Bad Decisions says:

      To delve into my nerdier Star Wars side right here, I offer this explanation to try to ease your mind: In the book Labyrinth of Evil (prequel to RoTS) there is a section from some clone troops perspective who are assigned to Obi and Skywalker’s battle group (might even be Reks or Cody). One of the troops has to use one of their lightsabers to get the Jedi out of a jam. Afterwards, his brothers are curious as to how it feels to use a lightsaber. He replies that it felt odd in his hand, as if it were more like a tool than a proper weapon, and that he’ll take a proper blaster any day of the week (very Han Solo if you will). It’s probably got a lot to do with the fact that clone troops aren’t force sensitive. They don’t have the skill to deflect blaster fire and a saber has limited range. Troops already carry a knife for close range engagements, which they probably feel is more adequate for their uses. Another way to think of it might be, if I go to battle with U.S. Marine gear, M-16/M4 etc. and I come across some dead guy who was carrying a sabre, am I going to stop and pick it up to use myself? Hell no. I’m more likely to think he’s an idiot for bringing a knife to a gun fight and put even more trust in my rifle, cause he’s dead and I’m not.

      Hope that helps get rid of some of the frustration.

  62. Twitter.dotcom.slash.wolfwhite99 says:

    The guy who played Scorch( Raphel Sbarge) not only played Kaiden in Mass Effect but also played Carth in KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2. He was also in Starwars Force Commander, Starwars Rouge Squadren, Everquest 2, and Grin Fandango

  63. Iceveiled says:

    Okay…that part at the end of the first act with the 6 minute timer is FUCKING ABSURD. Even on normal mode. I managed to get to the door just outside the large room where you have to hack the terminal with just over 2 minutes to spare, quick saved (I’m playing PC version) and spent the next 45 minutes failing over and over and over.

    I hate to cheat, but I had to use the god mode cheat to get past that part.

    I absolutely hate bullet sponge enemies and teammates who not only can’t take shit for damage, but also suck at taking down baddies. The friendly AI in this game is atrocious.

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