Rebel FM Episode 60 – 04/28/10

Hello, please to be welcoming to the Rebel FM Episode 60, where we are talking about the Haloreach and the Alan Wakes and the Prince of Persia Wiis and more games. If Matt Chandronait eat Tyler, does he grow hat, thank you.

This week’s music, in order of appearance:

Thunderbirds Are Go – To:Skull;

Deftones – Diamond Eyes

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  1. Thank you, Arthur. Please join us on!

  2. Borp says:

    You have to get scott back on the show. Can’t wait to listen to this one though!

  3. BITanen says:


  4. Also, can we pretty much call Matt Chandronait the forth host now?

  5. Now hold on, what happened to the Zune marketplace? There are those of us out there you know! I thought the show went on a hiatus or something

  6. thevamp25 says:

    yay.hope there are no Alan Wake spoiler.if are then FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  7. nevermind, it just updated. I’m sorry for my stupdity

  8. RetroBob says:

    Sweeeet, a new show – thank you gentlemen.

  9. ijhilder says:

    Shweet Berry Wine…. For your health!

  10. CodyH says:

    Shit. I just got Diamond Eyes out of my head and now you bring it back.

  11. Crowbar_Gazoolies says:

    Prince of Persia-Wii? Sheesh…

  12. Adam says:

    Geez guys clean up the apartment. I can -hear- the mess.

    Also I am a fan.

  13. koofle says:

    Hooray, new show!
    Thank you very muchly.

  14. Colonel Falafel says:

    Love the show as always, never commented before but just popped in to say that the default for Halo: Reach sounds like Bumper Jumper from Halo 3. It was obviously not the default in the previous game, but it was always one of the biggest controller layout among the more “hardcore” or “pro” Halo players. It’s supposed to allow you to easily hit the melee button while still aiming with the right analog stick (as opposed to leaving it so that you can hit B).
    I know a lot of my friends raved over it.

    So yeah, it’s not Bungie reinventing anything, but rather giving their hardcore, close fanbase a default they’ll actually use.

    Me, personally, I stick to default. Melee on B for life.

  15. Benjamin I. says:

    Anthony has a girlfriend now?

    Gah, I need one as well! Two of my long-time single pals now have ladies, and now Anthony? v_v

  16. Eric says:

    What’s all this then with the description did Scott Bromely write it.

  17. Gabe says:

    Dudes, what is up with the Killzone 2 background?

    Anyways, great podcast.

  18. Juan says:

    Hey, don’t give me that crap about those who don’t dare to take drugs are less likely to take risk. I am 21 years old, married to a beautiful drug free wife, and I am a risk taker. I have gone backpacking over night by my self in to the California mountains, I have also taken my wife with me and some friends plenty of time. And I am always the one to rely upon to know what to do in case of emergency because I have taken training for this situations.
    I did also feared I would never find a girl that wouldn’t share my soberness, but I got lucky, and I ran with it. So, to that listener who though about doing drugs to just get with girls, trust me, you will be a much more interested person if you stand your ground and show some character.

    • Anand says:

      I did the drugs and let me tell you this, you’re absolutely right. People with character have much healthier relationships. That’s a fact. Be the man in your relationship and just say to the girl (that wants to take drugs with you): ”fuck that, I don’t need drugs to feel better, I feel better because I’m with you”

      She will most definitely FUCK YOUR FUCKING BRAIN OUT after you’ve said it. My gf did at least. And she’s still rocking.

      • Anand says:

        You can also get extremely into drugs to the point that you’re both addicted to it. After that you can try to kick your addictions together. That creates one helluva bond! Plus, if you’re the one that kicks it first you can trade drugs for sex.

        Just advice though, don’t blame me when you O.D.

    • chris mcgowan says:

      you’re 21 and married? duuuuude

    • bhm says:

      Sounds like “soon to be father” convincing himself he’s up to his tasks. If I’m mistaken with that, then get real with this “rely upon, risk taker and stand your ground show some character”. Yes, I am assuming you might be a douche.

  19. Juan says:

    Hey guys, tell Tylor to stop been so crazy fanatic hater against religion. I mean, i am not a religious person, I believe in man more than in god. But man, you are giving atheist a bad rep with all the anger and hate. Yes, religious have a long long history of crimes against humanity, but just as anything man made, there is good, as well as there is evil. So, get over it brother! And don’t be so angry on the show.

    • Anand says:

      So you are saying that Tyler needs to elevate his compassion until he reaches the ultimate non-dualistic state of mind.

      Why yes, yes indeed. It’s not easy though with all those Catholic priests raping little boys and all. They’re supposed to be the example of the Church? Fuck that. Put them in prison and let them sleep in a cell that they need to share with a big FAT rapist that is put there because he loves to rape old men. That would be an awesome punishment.

    • Are you saying with should give religion a pass from Tyler’s anger? I think his anger is well placed, a lot of us are raised as Christians and when we find out it’s all a bunch of bullshit to keep us in line, we get angry…

    • CodyH says:

      He has a right to be angry. It’s his view and nothing is gonna change that.

      • Myckel S. says:

        He most certainly has a right to. I am not religious but I was raised by Christian parents. I was kicked out at seventeen because of my disbelief. Since then I reconciled things with my parents. I respect people with their beliefs. I have no issue with religion because all of those terrible things stem from people and not religion. If you look at the core structure of religion it’s a great thing. It’s until people manipulate it in any way they want that it becomes a problem. We have been lied to our entire lives. Be it the Santa Claus or that bush really won that election. I found Tyler’s outburst to be cringe worthy and unnecessary but this is America and he can do what he wants.

    • Jesse bass says:

      His been on the show like 50 times and the one time he gets pissed off at something you attack him. I’m sorry but Tyler is the most laidback guy I have heard. If this one issue angered him and he wanted to share it I think he has a right.

      • Juan says:

        He is a cool guy, but everyone needs a harsh slap every now and then. Just as any cristian and any other religious person should be challenged on their believes even if they are a good person. I don’t hate the guy, but I feel his anger was aimed in the wrong direction and I wanted to call him on it.

  20. chris mcgowan says:

    which roy orbison song was it? i hope it was in dreams! blue velvet forever.

  21. Gert says:

    Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction. Platform exclusives suck donkeyballs.

  22. SirDancelot says:

    Thanks for the new podcast guys! Can’t wait to listen on my long journey home tomorrow!

  23. deadfishlog says:

    that new deftones is the business.

  24. Eduardo says:

    Thanks for the show! Don’t mind the entitled shmucks, Arthur! Very good episode this week, for sure.

  25. Iceveiled says:

    I agree with Tyler 100%. Religious people are fucking self-entitled and it’s bullshit.

    Grats on podcast 60 fellas.

  26. Dr. Reducto says:

    this podcast makes RFM look like manbabies express…

    Gamespy Debriefings kicks RMF’s anus

  27. (a different) Marty says:

    The show’s always better with Matt.

  28. Feanor says:

    Enough with using “next-gen” to refer to the 360 and PS3, please. There’s nothing next generation about consoles released in 2005 and 2006.

    Just call them HD consoles to differentiate them from the Wii.

  29. Jonah Falcon says:

    Alan Wake sounds like it uses the same format as Lost Via Domus.

  30. Helen C says:

    I have definitely played videogames that deserve to go to hell.

  31. Courtney says:

    I don’t need God, Aurthur is God. Best podcast yet.


    I can appreciate Tyler’s anger, but it definitely came out over a total non-issue. Kowtowing to roommates’ ethics is a good deal, one way or another. Religion or not.

  33. (a different) Marty says:

    Tyler, you are scaring me. Scaring me with your rage. Not because I’m religious (I’m just as atheist as you), but because you are no longer [i]chill[/i]. You gotta choose dogg: be chill, or get all Dawkins on people. I gotta Dawkins. Do I still got a Tyler ???

  34. Gert says:

    I don’t believe in any religion. But no-one has ever provided evidence of the existance. So we do not know if he exists. But the same counts for leprechauns. We wil deal with the problem God if it occurs.
    Another thing. Living by the bible to ultimatly get into heaven isn’t that a self-ish goal.
    Yet another thing. Respect your mother and father, really? Even if they beat you or rape you?
    Life is too complex to be ruled by 10 rules.

    Last thing, i don’t do drugs, drink alcohol or smoke. And neither should anyone. I listened to some of the debriefings alcohol stories. I fucking hate those drunk assholes screaming in the streets keeping everyone awake when i have to get up at 600. Being drunk makes you pathetic, weak and doesn’t show much self respect. You are reduced to a worthless, spineless idiot. And if you need to get drunk because “it’s fun” then you have a drinking problem.

    • Anand says:

      On your first point; I am also an agnostic. God may exist but the lack of proof is reason enough to stop thinking about it.

      On your opinion about alcohol; It’s all relative. Some people work very hard in the week and need an evening of complete relaxation. Depending on where they grew up or the people they hang out with, this relaxing equals getting drunk.

      I’m more of a clear-minded individual. I am not a fan of taking things that obstruct my clearness of mind. Though that doesn’t mean I don’t take things that obstruct my mind; There is a time where drinking is needed. It makes you more human and more humble if you experience the state of ”being drunk” instead of placing yourself above others that drink. Placing yourself above others; That state is called ”PRIDE”. And pride is much more destructive to your love than any intoxicant in the world.

      • Gert says:

        There is never a time when drinking is needed.
        The human body does not like alcohol.
        It considers it a poison.

        You effectively poison your mind to reach a psychological state. It’s the same as taking drugs to enhance or cope with reality.

        You don’t need alcohol.

        When i see people drink i notice the change in behaviour, they become obnoxious and i see their level of self control drop. They start to do even more dumb stuff.
        I don’t place myself above people who consume alcohol.
        When they are under the influence, i am above them.
        They fail most mediocre thinking and tasks. How does that not make them useless.

        The misery that alcohol inflicted upon the world is far greater than the joy it brings.

        • Anand says:

          There is always a line between abusive drinking and drinking because you want to utilize it’s good effects.

          When you drink you will start to notice (if you’re in tune with yourself enough) that you will become someone else. Not yourself. From this experience of ”NOT-being” you will view your ”BEING” much clearer.

          This is how I use alcohol. I try to stay conscious and connect to my drunkenness. And I reflect on my experience after. It’s interesting how this disconnect between ME and NOT ME helped me realize what ”ME” means.

          Fuck this shit has just become much deeper than I wanted it to be.

          • PCGamer says:

            “you want to utilize it’s good effects”

            Bull Fucking Shit! Alcohol has no good effects, and the fact that you believe that fact is because your culture glorifies alcohol consumption. Kids are encouraged to binge drink because “its fun.” How many times have you heard the phrase “Let’s get wasted” or “We’re going to get fucked up”? I lost count.

            Alcohol affects your alertness, it damages your brain chemistry. I’ve been witness to the most horrific shit that can happen when people get drunk: physical abuse, sexual harassment, and a friend of mine was shot in the head by drunk person – he was 19.

            To me alcohol and drugs are an enemy. If you are on the same level of genius, and have contributed as much to the world as Carl Sagan, then you can smoke weed. If you are a lazy piece of shit smoking pot because it helps you escape your shitty existence, I have this to say to you: Every time you get high think of all rivers of blood that are being shed in my home country, Mexico, so you can connect with yourself.

            • Anand says:

              Looks like you like this sort of discussion. Don’t try to discuss everything away. Sometimes you need to stop pretending to be the watcher and just be.

              Not that I’m the greatest at this but it’s clear that you have some sort of idea that this sort of life is ”good” and this other sort of life is ”bad”. Like I’ve said before, sometimes you need to experience the bad to come out of it stronger.

              If you feel the urge you need to meditate it, if that doesn’t help you need to become it. I hope you understand this, I still have difficulty understanding it.

      • CaLe says:

        Anand: “There is a time where drinking is needed.”

        The fuck? I have yet to encounter such a time and I’ve been over the legal drinking age for 8 years.

        • Anand says:

          When the time comes, you will drink. I’m not saying that this is the same for everyone, I’m saying that it’s relative to the situation.

          Everything in this world is relative. Good or evil doesn’t matter. The good needs the evil to exist otherwise there wouldn’t be evil. Just like a man needs a woman to exist, otherwise there wouldn’t be a difference.

          • Anand says:

            I meant, The good needs the evil to exist otherwise there wouldn’t be GOOD :-)

            • Gert says:

              That’s an excuse to to anything bad.

              “Well i guess i’ll just kill some cops, because their job would mean nothing if they didn’t have enemies.”

              Doing evil stuff by accident is one thing, doing it on purpose makes you a stupid or a horrible person.

              If you drink alcohol and don’t bother anyone with the behaviour resulting from it that’s ok. But clearly a lot of people can’t do that.

  35. Guillermo says:

    Tyler, your little outburst was a bit scary. I respect your decision to be an Atheist, as most Atheist are rational people who just don’t feel like they need religion in their lives, but your little rant made you sound like one of the bible-bashing fanatics. I can understand your hatred towards the bible-pushers, I hate them too, but there are still plenty of rational people who do believe in God. The problem isn’t with religion, it’s with the people that interpret their faith into something oppressive and hateful, just like how there are oppressive Atheist who aren’t able to see anything positive about religion. For every Jack T. Chick there is a Richard Dawkins.

    I don’t like to affiliate myself with a specific religion but I still believe in God because I don’t find his existence to be illogical. I think the Bible is a good book of rules but I don’t think it was written by God himself, just whoever was listening to him, thus not everything in it can be factual. When people ask how can he exist if he doesn’t use divine intervention to get rid of evil, I say it is because he allows evil to exist alongside good so that the greater good of free will can still exist. When people say God can’t exist because of science, I say science is how we are able understand the way God works, which is also why I believe Evolution can exist as well as God.

    • Myckel S. says:

      You son of a Bitch! You said exactly what I wanted to say but more eloquently.

    • Well I for one was glad to hear Tyler’s opinion about religion. I think I’m in the same boat as Tyler and I don’t think religion deserves as much respect as it gets.

      • Juan says:

        I agree with Guillermo. And he put it well. But I don’t agree with any for of anger against any other human been because of they believe in. And as far as religion goes, like I said, anything human has it’s good and it’s bad. I come from a place that religion is the only thing that people have to remind themselves that there is still good in the world. Now that I have move to a much more modern western world, I see religion here is so much more different, here where everyone has it all, and from there where so many have so fee.

  36. CodyH says:

    I feel like people are giving Tyler too much of a hard time.

    As Jesse bass, Tyler has been on the show for a very long time and this is the first big outburst from the guy. Give him some slack. I mean if it was every other week this was happening maybe then but still it was once.

  37. KupoCheer! says:

    Not that it will matter to anyone nor will Tyler see this, but I 100% agree with him.

  38. Crumbley says:

    Tyler’s rant was awesome, completely agree with him.

  39. Grenouille says:

    Religious fanatics are condescending, intolerant, and are so arrogant in their beliefs, that they belittle any contrary position. They believe themselves to superior to others, and talk down to non-believers as fools.

    Tyler, go back and listen to listen to yourself and see if the above description doesn’t sound familiar.

    I have absolutely no contention with the actual content of what you were saying, but just remember that in-your-face atheism is just as irritating as in-your-face religion. Fervent evangelism is just as bad no matter what you’re evangelizing.

    • Gert says:

      “Religious fanatics are condescending, intolerant, and are so arrogant in their beliefs.”

      So is any fanatic.

      Question everything and try to find evidence to proof that you are right.
      One thing everyone has to keep in mind is that you don’t accidentally create the evidence you are looking for.

  40. Trucker Sean says:

    Whether you are talking about religious people or athiests, sweeping generalizations are ignorance incarnate.

  41. Bart says:

    I think this is what Tea means by “free pass”. If he had made sweeping generalizations about Anime fanatics or redheads, I don’t think this would be such a controversy. 99% of this podcast was about games, 1% was a spontaneous rant about religion among friends. Have you all never said something outrageous in the heat of the moment? Let it go!

    • I don’t think it was outrageous but I agree that people should let it go. Religion gets a free pass all the time, whether it’s through tax breaks or by letting Catholic priests molest as many children as they want. We shouldn’t have to accept the religious perspective of reality.

  42. Trucker Sean says:

    I realize my comment was kinda vague so just to clarify, I was speaking in regards to what commentors were saying and not necessarily what Tyler said. What he said during the podcast didn’t even stick out in my head until I started reading the comments. I just went back and relistened to what he said and I don’t really see what all the fuss is about. He may be a bit passionate about his hatred towards religion but he a made a perfectly valid point. I’d put this in the “to each his own” category.

  43. parcel god says:

    Yeah, Tyler is definetly wrong for dishing it out to people who love to crap on “nonbelievers” on a daily basis(sarcasm). Religion is NOT based on any sort of Fact. It is, like Tyler said, FICTION. If you choose to believe in it, more power to you. I completely agree that it needs to stop getting a free pass. It’s downright stupid that rational thinking people need to constantly walk on eggshells around the religious crowd, thereby empowering them. We shouldn’t have to behave so meekly (irony-”The meek shall inherit the earth”) around religious fanatics.

  44. Helen C says:

    Suggestion: if you’re only doing one podcast this week, make it game club instead of the regular show. Every other man and his dog will be talking Halo and Alan Wake, so something different would be nice. Also it would mean a podcast where you don’t need to worry about either embargoes or spoilers.

  45. Trucker Sean says:

    Can’t we all just agree that what we really want is to hear more about Anthony’s girlfriend?

  46. Jonah Falcon says:

    I like religious fanatics who are into superhung guys. They tend to be religious in their worship.

  47. Jon says:


  48. SJS says:

    Yay, you guys actually remembered to put the song credits in. Cool beans.

    And what’s up with the weird show notes? I think it’s an in joke that I won’t get till I listen.

    • CrossXhunteR says:

      Listen to the Gamespy Debriefings. Then, and only then, shall you have true enlightenment.

  49. Romaen says:

    Anthony, if you like Warhammer 40k Squad Command and you can find a friend who will admit to owning an N-Gage to let you borrow, you should check out the Pathway to Glory games which were Red Lynx’s WWII strategy games on that system. It plays pretty much exactly the same except they actually took a few things out like soldiers carrying over from one mission to the next and gaining exp, a prone stance, soldier’s stance affecting movement cost and the size and length of their over-watch cone, more secondary equipment like grenades, etc.

  50. manofarms89 says:

    I was raised a Christian, but I’ve since abandoned religion, Tyler made some good points. religious people have a victim complex that demands they made the exception to every rule.

  51. Jonah Falcon says:

    However, being someone’s roommate is not a God-given right. Their house, their rules.

  52. Myckel S. says:

    Anthony, Pandemic makes the Destroy All Humans! games.

  53. Jack says:

    In the UK you can get money from the government when you don’t have a job, not when you do.

  54. Jonathan Posch says:

    Great show as always, Tylers rant at the end was awesome. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but i wish you guys would talk about religion more.

  55. spankbot says:

    Another great game to play co-op with the girlfriend is Little Big Planet. My non-gamer GF and I had a blast playing through and finishing that game.

  56. CallMeSarge says:

    cool show bros

    j/k I loved it

  57. bobby says:

    where is tyler barber at!!!! where is tyler barber at!!!! just wanna say tyler is right! about if these exercise games had some sort of achievements a lot of gamers would do the extra sit up or push up to get those points. i want Kane and Lynch 2 and Alan Wake…I Am Awake!!!!

  58. Feanor says:

    This Eurogamer review of Lost Planet 2 echoes Arthur’s criticisms about the frustrating lack of checkpoints.

  59. Evan says:

    I’ve been listening since the beginning and this was without a doubt my favorite Rebel FM ever. Keep up the excellent work guys.

  60. iceveiled says:

    So is game club done guys? Or are you too busy with your “girlfriends” now. Haven’t you ever heard bros before hos? Wait, I’m not even playing splinter cell. Fuck it.

    *goes back to masturbating*

  61. Jiub_Winds says:

    You should play the “Halo Gears or Duty” remix of Beamer Benz or Bentley that I sent u Anthony.

    just sayin…

    lol great show

  62. Jonah Falcon says:

    Let’s ALL get back to masturbating.

  63. Sup nutsacks,

    So any of you fags play Sleep Is Death? I’m in the hella bonezone for that shit, but can’t be fucked makin’ shit for the cunt. Ya’ll wanna make some shit and ride the magic carpet with a cunt & crack the brozone layer clean out?

    Love & Dick Beams from the Megasphere

  64. One hot Sunday (summer) morning at Mass a man brought his two young sons, the eldest about six or seven years old at the most. Both were shirtless, wearing only shorts. I know they were only young children but I felt that it was so disrespectful and reflected badly on the father. What lack of reverance for where they were, or the specialness of being in the house of God. What was being communicated to them by their parent? They might just as well have been on the beach. I think at least thery’re here so I try not to be judgemental. I also see teenage girls in church with bare mid-riffs and wonder why their mothers can’t gently guide them to wear something more appropriate. Sunday best seems a thing of the past. It seems there are bigger worries than whether we women are wearing veils or not! As it happens I don’t wear a veil I used to but I fell out of the habit or should that be custom when it seemed I was the only one in church wearing one. Thank you to AJD for the stunning quote from St John Chrysostom. To go off at a bit of a tangent, does anyone know of a good book about this saint, or a collection of his writings? I have been looking for one for ages without success.
    Hope you get better soon, Msgr Pope.

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