Rebel FM Episode 69 QOTW – My Own Summer

Summer’s here, retail releases have slowed, and you might actually get out of the house – or not. We want to know how you’re spending your summer this year, whether it’s by catching up on your backlog, downloadable titles, books, movies, music, or something more esoteric. Responses should be in by 6:00 PM PDT.


  1. kyapondo says:

    Drinking and playing Mass Effect 2, not necessarily at the same time though

  2. Mudron says:

    Masturbating. Eating ice cream. Sometimes masturbating on my ice cream and then eating it, when I’m drunk or tired.

    Also, I’m playing World of Warcraft for the first time to see what “WoW Classic” looks like before it all gets blown up by Cataclysm in November.

  3. Alex says:

    Looking for jobs. I’ve been in university for the last three years so my holiday’s over. :(

  4. Kole says:

    As a recently graduated underemployed hungry person, I’m focusing on losing weight. Exercise and podcasts (even yours) go together great, and improved eating habits will benefit me for life.

    Other than that, I’m reading books and working through my backlog, as I don’t have money to buy new games.

    • Kole says:

      In addition to this, I’m also recording my own weekly video game podcast, but that dangles into self-promotion territory.

    • Andrew says:

      Huh. I’m trying to gain weight. I got really into strength training this past winter and after a two-month period where I focused on dropping some pounds (while continuing the program), I’m back to hitting it hard. (Doing Starting Strength.) Goals for the end of summer are squat 275, deadlift 320, bench 200 and overhead press 125. All for three sets of five.

      More than enough information, I know, but I’m trying to break the stereotype that all nerds are weak little shells of men.

      I have nearly come to the conclusion, on the other hand, that most gym-dwelling weight lifters are total fucking tools who’ll look for any way to cheat and add more weight to the bar. Like pelvic thrusting to get a god damn bicep curl up. Lots of tribal tattoos, orgasmic grunting noises, overly tight t-shirts, etc. Fuck’m.

      If anyone’s thought about doing some kind of strength training, it’s a huge confidence booster (when done right) and you’ll quickly surprise yourself with what you’re capable of (when done right). It’s also an amazing chance to regain some mental clarity. I think Arthur should get into it. He just seems like he should be in the gym — and I don’t mean on a treadmill. Lifting heavy shit. And reporting his progress. Ah fuck, I just want to know there’s another nerd out there doing it. Because I feel alone. And cold.

      Now, to establish some nerd cred, I’m working my way through RDR before I start Bioshock 2 (on my recently upgraded PC, for extra nerdery).

      Trying to hit some shows, too. Saw Deftones, Mastodon/Between the Buried and Me, going to Gaslight Anthem in September. Also trying to avoid beer tents. I don’t fucking understand why people like beer tents. Is this a Midwest thing? Each town around here has a fair for a weekend and all the locals gather under a tent to drink shitty domestic beer and listen to bad cover bands. I’ve been to one this month, and I think I’m set for a few years. Maybe I just need to get drunker to enjoy them.

      • Glock N Rollin says:

        Strength training is awesome. I was a competitive power lifter for six years and I never felt better. I’ve since stopped competing mainly because the types of dbags you described are about ten times worse in the competitive field.

        Are you familiar with cross fit? I still power lift but for general work out I do cross fit. The people I’ve encountered are about the coolest gym rats I’ve ever met and it’s a really intense work out.

        • Andrew says:

          That’s cool, man. I don’t think I’d ever want to compete, but I can respect that you’ve got the devotion/mental fortitude to do it.

          I’m somewhat aware of Crossfit, mostly because I see a couple people post about their workouts on Facebook. Are there Crossfit gyms? Or do you just do the program as they post it on their website? Looks interesting.

  5. I’m with Kole, I’ve been spending a little extra time getting some exercise. The Runkeeper iPhone app + Rebel FM work pretty well together.

  6. thevamp25 says:

    annoying friends trying to get them to hang..but since thats not working just sitting at home not getting any call backs to jobs i applied for, and trying EVE online trial…..i hate life.

  7. Borp says:

    Playing Final fantasy 13 and masturbating… At the same time.

  8. Andyb0y says:

    I am actually catching up on my reading. There are so many books I need to read that this is the perfect time to do it. Rebel FM should recommend a book from each host so that people will hopefully read in this downtime.

    As to what I am currently reading, I am going through all the Scott Pilgrim books as well as finally reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Remember kids, reading is FUNdamental.

  9. Nick says:

    On the gaming-side I’ve taken the time to catch up on a game I missed back when it was released but knew I would love, Borderlands. Honestly, it’s disgusting how much I like this game. It channels so many things I love between Fallout, loot-drops, and more. Needless to say, it’s boner time.

    As far as not gaming- I’ve finally been able to get a few freelance writing jobs.

    In between, I’ve been spending as much time as I can with my girlfriend before she goes to Spain for a semester abroad.

  10. Ben says:

    Fucking work… all damn summer long, non stop. To be fair, working constantly and getting up stupid early has allowed me to create my own toy line, enter an upcoming photography art show, become the copy editor for a big niche website, and start losing weight!

  11. Sammichman says:

    I am painting a bunch of warhammer (Ogres and Blood Angels if anyone is interested, I know Anthony likes a dwarf or two). I’m also planning on playing a bunch of old 360 stuff as well as the games I got during the Steam Summer Sale such as Tropico 3, Crysis, PB WInterbottom and Red Faction. So basically catching up on things I haven’t done in a while. Oh and going swimming, cause who doesn’t love to swim?

  12. XaiaX says:

    Working. I’m a grownup.

    Also, eff that. I’m on vacation next week and I’m gonna do fuck-all. (And my wife, if I can get her away from Hexic or Puzzle Quest long enough.)

    Mostly just playin’ some games in the evenings, this weekend there will be a Rock Band party for my birthday, and maybe a concurrent BBQ or something.

    Gamewise I’m mostly catching up on preposterous Steam sales. Dirt 2, Red Faction Guerilla, more Just Cause 2, and maybe I’ll finally get the Bladder of Steel achievement to round out my 1000 in Rock Band 2 before the next one comes out.

    Technically, PAX Prime is summer, too, so there’s that.

  13. revocelot says:

    Aside from the obvious “listening to Rebel FM” answer, I’ve been catching up films I missed on Netflix, playing Call of Duty 4 to get a perfect 1000 Gamerscore (I don’t know why), and taking 5 mile walks as both a workout and an excuse to listen to the Geekbox.

  14. Tanner says:

    Trying to get in shape so I can join the Marines come next summer. Also, registering for college.

  15. Trey says:

    I guess this is the summer of exercising cause that’s what I’m doing to. This is the first time that I’ve been jobless during the summer so I’m using the time to eat better and hopefully the positive energy will help when I got back to school. I’ve gotten back into TF2 in a big way which scares me with my third year of college coming soon.

    Also trying to crack through the backlog I created when I was buying games for no reason. God of War 3, Red Dead, and a few others.

  16. Mr. Irish says:

    This summer involved a lot of lazing around in the form of Red Dead and Bad Company 2. I ran a lot, went to the gym a lot, and I know it sounds horrible and manwhore-ish, but I also tried to get with as many lady friends as I could. Just like Arthur said, sometimes we need a stage of whoredom to cleanse the soul. I feel very cleansed, to say the least.

  17. I just graduated from college in Michigan, broke up with my girlfriend of 6 years and moved to St. Louis to start my new job/life. Just wanted to thank all the video game podcasts I listen to, Rebel FM in particular, for keeping me company while I live alone for the first time in my life. It’s an invaluable substitute for human interaction while I am trying to make new friends out there.


  18. Cristian H says:

    unfortunately i will be spending my summer going to college, although i hope to get in some playing time on The Witcher (late to the party i know, but i got it off the steam sale), and playing some ncaa football 2011.

  19. Jonah Falcon says:

    Masturbating. Alone and with friends.

  20. Josh says:

    Went back to Mass Effect 2 for all the new DLC, which ended up taking 60+ hours of my life. Saw Inception, which was fucking amazing. And then picked up the free Steam game, Alien Swarm, which is amazingly polished for a free game. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from Valve.

  21. Tarek says:

    I Work a nine-to-five job and recently go married. My wife was kind of into games, but now she has really gotten into them. So over the past month, we have been playing games together like heavy rain, brutal legend, and ratchet and clank. It’s been really fun.

    Non game related, We got some bikes and go for rides .

  22. DanGarf says:

    This is my last summer until I go away to college. This year is my senior year, and the summer after that is going to revolve around going to college and all that fun stuff.

    With this in mind my summer is mostly filled with bullshittery(real word, look it up). I’ve picked up Assassin’s Creed 2 for the first time and having fun with that, and enjoying the Summer of Arcade.

    I’ve also been trying to get this girl whom I met in my previous year of school. So far we’ve seen a couple movies together with friends and and hung out in the park. I even followed Scott Bromley’s trick of writing something down on a receipt that had a lot of digits on it, and she seemed really interested. Mission to get some is going along well.

  23. Tom says:

    I am working on lots of code! I am writing a game for XNA which is slowly coming along, be it all slowly. I am working on some iPhone stuff too, and I’m writing a wrapper for DirectX :) Finally I’m reading, reading about programming, maths and physics, as well as a great book by the author Daniel Pink and another by Jeremy Rifkin, you guys should check them out! Ofcourse there is listening to Rebel FM as well! Keep up the good work! Thanks! :)

  24. John says:

    I finished up mass effect now im on disc 2 of ME2 pretty good so far. Im just about to go on summer vacation, thinking about starting on the backlog. First i guess is… shit i don’t even know where to start. haven’t even played mario galaxy 1 yet.Anyways when are u guys going on vacation? Also what do u like to do when on vacation? Love the podcast guys keep up the good work and just let ur nuts hang on this one latuz.

  25. Lucas says:

    This summer I’m altering between working part-time in an art gallery, spending time with my girlfriend and trying to find the time to play some good ol’ video games. What games, you ask? Dragon Age: Origins and Blue Dragon, both of which I haven’t completed as of yet (or even bothered to played in the last 6 months. Yes, clearly I hate myself.

  26. Iceveiled says:

    I actually stay inside more during the summer. Anything above 80 is too hot for me. That said, I’m trying to catch up on my backlog. I have many games that I have started and not finished including the following: Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age Origins, Borderlands, Final Fantasy XIII and Brutal Legend to name a few.

  27. For school, I have luckily been given the opportunity to intern at a movie promotions office. Several movie studios (Warner, Disney, Sony, etc) supply the office with promotional products that we distribute to radio stations, college campuses, and television news stations in order to promote a given film. Then the studio rents out theaters and it is our job to pack the theaters full when there is a week(ish) early preview screening of the movie. So far, I have been able to “work” at free screenings of Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Cyrus, Inception, Flipped, and am currently getting ready to see Salt. It is really a cool job (and yes, in some instances, I get paid to see free movies).

    I also recently got a job at the Apple Store and will begin working this weekend.

    And during my free time? I help volunteer at the local gym weight-train with high schoolers (as I also get to lift with a trainer). I have been biking and/or playing basketball twice a week. I follow the Cincinnati Reds pretty religiously, and have been either watching them at home or have been going to games. I also have been catching up on my backlog of Star Wars novels (Millennium Falcon was decent). I just recently subscribed to Netflix, and am currently finding out what all the fuss is about Arrested Development. And finally, when I do have time to play games, I have been busting through a backlog of Lego Indiana Jones 2, Dead Space, Viva Pinata/Banjo Kazooie N&B Double Pack, and Halo Wars.

    Gotta love Summertime.

  28. suko k says:

    Having sex, eating a lot, pretending to work, ragequitting the same five games, masturbation.

  29. Jayyyyyyyyy says:

    I plan to spend some time trying to make an a small game with xna. But I will probably create the project and then just waste my time on the internet. Then when college comes back around I will be cursing myself for being such a lazy bastard.

  30. Dann says:

    I’m already done with my summer vacation back at my art school learning about how to draw, and listening to rebel fm while I work on projects really helps me do them better (of course they still dont look too good but hey thats why im at school in the first place)

  31. Iceveiled says:

    ^ Oh, and to add to that I plan on playing Batman AA and, time permitting before the Fall onslaught of awesome games, Red Faction: Guerrilla. In order to accomplish all this I’ve vowed off WoW until Cataclysm. I have five level 80′s for fuck’s sake!

  32. Shane says:

    Painting houses, having a shit boss, being too tired to burst trough my backlog after work and missing college friends.

    Note the lack of sex in the above sentance!

  33. Jamey says:

    Drinking. Trying to 100% Dragon Age. Playing a bunch of quick/cheap XBLA games (Toy Soldiers). Learning more Japanese for a semester in Tokyo this fall. And working that right hand…

  34. CrossXhunteR says:

    I am applying for my first job, doing mandatory school reading reading, and sinking more than 100 hours in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I also am getting into a Japanese-ass Japanese game called Disgaea 2.

  35. hobo_bebop says:

    What started out as a summer project to teach my three year old daughter how to play Super Mario Bros. on our NES turned in to playing Sonic the Hedgehog on XBLA. Precision platforming isn’t her thing yet, but she’s really good at pressing right on a d-pad.

  36. Aldon says:

    Since I’m currently unemployed I’m trying my hand at screenwriting. Something I’ve always wanted to do and while it might only amount to shitty fanfic, I figure what the hell I’ve got the free time.

    But if you mean that whole gaming thing, replaying Mass Effect 2 plus DLC. Also wishing I had never bought Final Fantasy XIII. That game was a waste of the six years it spent in development.

    (Should this drivel actually be read quote me as Adam or something, save yourselves the trouble of butchering my name.)

  37. - Working a solid 40-50 hrs/week at the “real” job
    – Trying to sell my house and downgrade to something more manageable
    – Teaching & arranging music for a HS drumline another 20 hrs/week
    – Struggling to provide consistent content updates for a percussion-related education/editorial website
    – Practicing my ass off for my Music Ed. program “entrance audition” (27 yr old freshman “transfer”… what the hell is wrong with me)
    – Winding down my brain w/ RISK! Factions every morning around 2:00 am

    What is this “summer” you speak of?! ;-)

  38. algebracow says:

    Working, more work, then when I get time away from reading for school, playing through all the zelda games, considering I’ve never played one to completion.

  39. Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog says:

    Summer? Revising for my thesis defence. Nothing like the thought of becoming the world’s expert in something unbelievably esoteric that no one really gives a shit about. Other than that, going to music festivals to get hammered and watch bands.

  40. Sam Barsanti says:

    Just graduated from college with a very useful degree in writing, so I’m trying to find some freelance work that’ll pay me enough that I can finally buy War For Cybertron.
    Which actually means a lot of sitting around waiting for e-mails and getting yelled at by my parents for not getting a “real job”.
    Tons of fun.

  41. I spent the first half mostly working and taking a summer course to be on track to finish my game design program in the spring of 2011.

    Now that I’m finished up, I’m going to be catching up on a ton of games, setting up Settlers of Catan nights with friends, grinding my real-life cooking skill, and taking two vacations: one to the beach, and one to PAX!

  42. Anders says:

    I’m playing the backlog game. BioShock (finally – after dumping my 360 copy in favour of cheap steam version), Trine, Mass Effect (again – the original), Assassins Creed II DLC, GTA:TBOGT, Red Dead Redemption and in my crappy write-off game category: Army of Two: The 40th Day. Turns out that having a baby and a single income makes games last WAY longer and really encourages you to save on new purchases.

  43. Phoenixka says:

    I have spent most of my summer working, playing games and hanging out with friends. I haven’t really played many new games though. I finally finished Golden Sun which I hadn’t touched in years and look forward to starting the second eventually. I downloaded torchlight when it was five dollars on steam. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to a multiplayer version of it. I finally beat Borderlands and then proceeded to download and beat all of the dlc. I love that games humor. It felt great to get some games out of my pile of shame. I also was able to catch up with a lot of podcasts since these games are pretty podcast friendly. Not too much dialog you have to catch in any of them.

    Well considering I’m in a meeting and I’m typing this with my thumbs on my phone, I should probably wrap this up.

    Keep up the good work guys,

    It’s pronounced Phoenix K.A. The KA represents the initials of my home town.

  44. Bobtoad1 says:

    Summers in Michigan are terrible. Almost every day in our record breaking July has been above 90 with humidity there or even higher (ever seen fog in the sun at 90 degrees?). But my bright new shiny PC is humming through my PC backlog, including Oblivion, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and Mass Effect (the PC version holds up even after ME2, but just barely). Also getting ready for WoW:Cata with the girlfriend and getting excited for Starcraft. I might pick up Dawn of War 2 as well if it goes on steam sale or Anthony talks it up one more time, hint hint.

  45. Jose De Jesus says:

    I’m spending this summer as a writing tutor for a summer program at the university I attend. The program is pretty intense for the students involved and as a result, I don’t really have an opportunity to play any major console games. What I have been playing is A LOT of iPhone games. In fact, I’ve been going insane for Super Quick Hook. It is such a great game and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an iPhone. I’m also playing Monkey Island 2, Zombieville, and Doom RPG. I’ve also been catching up on a lot of reading. So far, it’s been a pretty great summer.

  46. Ookyspooky says:

    Finally got round to playing Fallout 3, so that’s going to last me most of the summer. That and work and 2 weeks away with the kids. Off to the Lake District tomorrow. A chance to catch up on my iPhone games – Helsing’s Fire I think.

  47. Joe says:

    If there’s any downtime this summer I will return to the three elusive Fs – Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, and Fable 2. They’re some of the oldest and best games in my backlog, they all came out around the same time, and they all refuse to get played. (Even though technically I’ve played 75 hours of Fallout 3, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface)

  48. Andrew says:

    Catching up on some titles I missed from the last few years, (BioShock, Dragon Age Origins, Fable 2, and what not) I’ve also started to play my DS fat again in preparation for the 3DS.

  49. Joe says:

    I’ll Be Quiet, and Drive (far away.)

    so yeah, hoping get my driving license and drive places.

    Video Games: play DJ Hero (late to that party, I know) as well as attacking the 2010 backlog (Galaxy 2, ModNation Racers, Transformers.)

    Music: Seeing a myriad of bands at a nearby Festival (Queens of the Stone Age, Weezer and Cypress Hill to name a few)

    Films/Movies: Already seen Toy Story, so Inception is all that really appeals to me at this point.

  50. Ronald says:

    This is my first unemployed summer since I was sixteen (fourteen years ago). But I have been using it to walk around more, count my calories, and lose some weight (close to sixty pounds since January). I just bought some new ear buds that won’t fall out and plan to start walking/jogging/running some more. I have been playing a few games, using the Steam sale to have some games for my Mac to play. I still have Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 to play for multiplayer, and have been going back to some of the games from the last year for trophy and achievement hunting. I also used the EA iPhone sale to buy a bunch of games, so I have been playing a lot more iPhone games.

    Apart from gaming, I started whacking away at my DVD pile of shame, which is still at around a hundred DVDs. I’ve read a few dozen books from my piles of unread books. I read a ton of comic trades and mangas that have been lying around, bought and read all six Scott Pilgrim volumes, and caught up on my DVR.

    In addition, I have used the free time to clean up the house, sort through the movies, music, and comics strewn everywhere and have organized everything, then reorganized. Hung a ton of movie posters around the house, adding some color to the walls. I began turning the extra bedroom into a comic and toy room, toys hanging on the walls, comic boxes lining the floor the whole way around the room. My room is clean and the bed is made, the kitchen is clean and has empty counters, and the roommate’s room I am never touching. Still have a lot more cleaning to do, and I can’t finish the basement unless I have actual money coming in to buy supplies with.

    I have also been using the time to cook actual dinners instead of pre-made things. Last, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and watching video content on various sites, mainly Giant Bomb/Tested/Screened.

    Oh, and applying for jobs. But that has been far less productive than anything else.

  51. Samit Sarkar says:

    I always use the summer for catching up on media; this year, it’s been mostly TV shows. I’ve been catching up on a crapload of them that I missed throughout the past year, whether it was a few episodes or entire seasons (or the full run to date of some shows). Since my summer began in mid-May, I’ve blown through:

    Party Down seasons 1 & 2
    Modern Family season 1
    Parks and Recreation season 2
    Breaking Bad season 3 (aka the best show on television right now)
    Chuck season 3
    Doctor Who season 4 (and the specials leading up to season 5, but not season 5 itself…yet)
    The Big Bang Theory season 3
    How I Met Your Mother season 5
    Glee season 1
    Castle seasons 1 & 2

    I may be forgetting something… Anyway, I’m also watching shows whose seasons began in the summer — namely, Louis CK’s great new FX show, Louie, and Entourage (I don’t know why I’m still watching). Can’t wait for Mad Men to start back up with season 4 on Sunday!

    Next on my catch-up list (in no particular order): The Pacific; the summer season of Lie To Me; Treme; Justified; Sons of Anarchy; season 5 of Doctor Who… I wonder if I can get all that done before school starts in September…

  52. I am having a summer of self-improvement. I am trying to get rid of my fat guy, get a steady girlfriend and read more novels as opposed to so many comic books. Now if only I could find a shop in San Diego that sells the secret scent. On that note, sometimes I think that Tyler’s secret scent is actually more like Mike’s Secret Stuff from Space Jam. Maybe the magic is in us already…

    When I am not doing those things I am using my Gamefly account to its fullest and playing lots of games I missed.

  53. Icaroz says:

    After a couple of insanely hot weeks here in sweden it’s finally becoming more humane.. and it’s time to dig into some backlog, which mainly consists of Dragon Age and all the dlc for that… also ordered orange box today just so I can play Portal for the first time… excited about that :)

    oh, and not forgetting the wonderful Mars trilogy books (that I think Matt Chandronait recommended in some podcast sometime).. I’m just done with Red, loved it! Blue and Green to go

  54. KnightAttack says:

    After realizing I had already spent over $600 on Games this year, I put a moratorium on buying any more games until September.

    Currently, I’ve finally beat God of War 1, working on God of War 2, and God of War 3 is waiting to be played.

    Plus, I’m working on the “Crushing” difficulty of Uncharted 2, Medal of Honor Beta, Tales of Monkey Island, Borderlands, Bioshock 2 and of course, Civ IV… keeping me busy as well…

    However, because of my non-buying, I have been able to beat:

    God of War 1
    Yakuza 3
    The Saboteur
    Heavy Rain and
    Dragon Age (2nd Play through)

  55. Craig says:

    I’ve beaten an insane number of games for me. Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Super Mario Galaxy 2,Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess,Uncharted 1 and 2, Castle Crashers, Secret of Monkey Island 2,and (by far the worst) Night at the Museum 2. Been working on Borderlands and replaying Dead Space, Ghostbusters, The Orange Box, Red Faction, Resident Evil 5, and Condemned 2. If you’ve noticed, I haven’t done much else.

  56. WaywardScythe says:

    This summer I’m separating from my wife (her decision). Life’s a bitch sometimes…

  57. cactusfriend says:

    Having mononucleosis is letting me spend more time than usual with Mother 3, Persona 4 (emulated, since my ex took the PS2), and Demon’s Souls. Also Super QuickHook on the iPhone!

  58. Joe Barrett says:

    Well besides raising a brand new baby girl, I’ll be playing Mass Effect 2 for the third time, but as a mostly renegade player. Also, I’ll be taking my girlfriend to see Paramore at the Merryweather Post Pavillion. I tried to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but ended up just watching the Swedish film. And finally, I would like to complete some old Star Wars and Star Trek model kits I have in the closet, half built.

  59. Calvin says:

    This has been a very busy summer. I spent 3 weeks in Japan, 1 week on the west coast of Canada doing a few failed attemts at surfing, and just finished moving into a new place. Now that im all settled in I finally have time to start gaming again. I beat Red Dead Redemption (loved the first and final acts of that game. John Marston is the best thing Rockstar has created.) and now im starting Limbo.

    On a side note, the first thing I did in Japan was try out Tylers scent. I met a very nice bartender who was working in the hotel I was staying in and broke the ice with a conversation about “my secret scent”. She laughed and called me a nerd for taking advice on women from a videogame podcast. Who could blame her? But that was all we needed. She ended up taking me out and showing me around for nearly a week and we still stay in touch after I came home. No idea if I can really credit the actual smell for the sucess here but it did spawn a great conversation. Thanks guys!

    PS- She said the scent smelled like fresh laundry. No idea if thats an attractive smell or not.

  60. Surkov says:

    I just purchased a Korg SP-250 Digital Piano and have been teaching myself piano.

    I’ve been playing guitar for the past 3 years, but I need to work on my music theory and sight reading, so I decided to buy a piano.

    I’ve also played/beat Castlevania: SotN for the first time. The music in that game also helped inspire me to pick up the piano.

  61. Bruno says:

    It’s kind of a bummer that summer is so bad for releases cause there’s nothing on TV (except for 1 night a week of HBO). So my summers have become about catching up on great shows I never watched, last summer was The Wire (which I re-watched in the fall, best show ever imo), then BSG, Mad Men, Generation Kill, Weeds, True Blood. This year so far is Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Party Down (so sad its not coming back), I just finished Rome and am about to get into Spartacus. I still have Damages and Nip Tuck to eventually get to.

    Recommend this to everyone, this is the golden age of television, get as much as you can, there are so many great shows on tv right now.



  62. Sam says:

    I’ve spent this summer looking for somebody to love because at this time my love handles have received no love. I got them after losing a bunch of weight

  63. Mike B. says:

    Replaying the original StarCraft and its expansion in prep for SCII. 5 days and counting!! Hell yes!

  64. KillerFly says:

    When I’m not busy finishing up the last few classes I need to graduate with my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design, or getting drumming lessons from the current drummer for the Blue Oyster Cult, I’ve still got plenty of games to play through. DeathSpank, Crackdown 2, Persona 3 Portable, Pokemon HeartGold, and Dragon Age: Origins Awakening are all patiently awaiting me to get through them.

  65. R3DH3AD says:

    I’m getting married in just over a week then after the honeymoon and finishing the new bedroom I hope to start my backlog with mass effect 2, red dead and all the other games I got for christmas last year. I’m just pleased the weather is so shit in the uk.

    Any good android games for the honeymoon? Just for the flight there and back though.

  66. Paul D says:

    I meant to spend my summer catching on my reading, taking up yoga, taking a photo class, etc. Then Steam put Dragon Age and Mass Effect on sale.

    See you in the fall.

  67. Ironlombax1 says:

    This summer, I have been running quite a bit, trying to get ready for the cross country season, and recently my friends have taken up the sport of airsoft, so I have been playing that quite a bit as well. and as for games, I have been playing the shit out of Fallout 3 and trying out a lot of indie games on XBLA, like Radgames Joyjoy, and Breath of Death 7. Everyone else, enjoy your summer, and stay safe!
    P.S. I recently went to a Tool concert in Vancouver, and I really enjoyed it. Does that make me a Douche bag?


  68. Martin Penwald says:

    I read all the time, so that’s not something I’ll have to catch up on. I do plan to get some games I missed from the first half of the year, e.g. Army of Two The 40th Day (hey, I liked the first one). And probably beat Mass Effect 1 or 2 for the n-th time.

    Other than that, I hope my professors at university get around to read my final thesis. I want my goddamned master’s degree so I can finally properly apply for a job.

  69. raddevon says:

    I went back to The Witcher after two false starts with the game. I got past the first area and to where the game opens up. Now, I’m in love with the game. I’m also really excited about the sequel and the fact that I will be able to import my save from the first game.

    I recently checked out a demo of a Japanese indie RPG being localized by a small company. You are Recette, a young girl tasked with operating a traditional JRPG item shop to earn money to repay your AWOL father’s debt. Read more about it here:

    I’ve also spent some time with League of Legends. I’m really terrible at it, but the game is great fun. I’ve mentioned this a couple of times, but I would still love for Anthony to post a video primer showing me (and others of course) how to play the RTS genre. I’m just not getting enough clicks into my minutes.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but I have one more. Valve just released a free Source mod called Alien Swarm. It is very much like a top-down Left 4 Dead with aliens instead of zombies. It also incorporates classes adding an extra level of depth. It’s absolutely incredible for a free game.

    Hope everyone else is having a great summer. Wish I could get to PAX to see you all again. :-(

  70. Chuck Diamond says:

    I’ve been spending my summer fantasizing about playing video games. On my daughter’s 1st birthday 9/21/09, I took a year off of gaming. On my daughter’s 2nd birthday, I’m gonna start gaming again. It’s been incredibly rewarding spending so much time with my wife and daughter and I managed to check out the “Takeshi Kovachs Trilogy” that Arthur recommended. The 1st book “Altered Carbon” was good. The other two, not so much. So basically I’ve got a game boner as long as my leg. I can’t wait to start gaming agian. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assasins Creed 2, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead, ect.. To be honest, though what I’m looking forward to the most are all the XBLA games I’ve been picking up when they come on sale. Above all I think about playing Final Fight: Double Impact. I probably dumped many hundreds of hours into that game on the SNES and arcades. Besides all of the cold showers for my throbbing game boner, my favorite Summer activity has been listening to Rebel FM and Gamespy Debriefings. HA-DOOOO-KEN! U.S.S.R.! TIGER!

  71. Alan says:

    Trying to catch up on my reading (Sebastian Junger’s WAR), my gaming (finishing RDR), and my schooling (c’mon acceptance letters!). Also now that I have health insurance for the first time in almost a decade, I’m getting tested out the wazoo. And in the wazoo at some point I think.

    Finally, I am attempting to get characters and plont points hammered out in preparation for National Novel Writing Month, which isn’t until November, but I’ll be busy then.

  72. Alex says:

    I’ve been catching up on The Walking Dead books in anticipation of the television show. I firmly believe that Frank Darabont can do no wrong. Add the fact that even shitty zombie shows are made watchable by the mere inclusion of said undead antagonists and you can see why I have very high hopes for it.

  73. Kyle Wright says:

    About to finish summer school, finishing up my credit requirements at Junior College. On a depressing note, I have noticed that many of my friends are now gone and I spend a lot of time by myself. Guess I am getting old.

  74. RoboHamburger says:

    Spent the first half of the summer in a dwarf fortress coma since the new version of it came out. Now that I have gotten bored with it is back to living again which means playing tf2, programming (wee unity!) and playing whatever random awesome games that come out such as limbo and alien swarm.

    I am hoping I can stay off the dwarf fortress until at least the fall.

  75. JARVIE NZ says:

    Down here in New Zealand, we don’t believe in summer this time of year, so i am enjoying some quality TV3 original programing!
    (note the reference to current affairs involving Kevin Butler)

  76. Reeftrigger says:

    Whoooooooo. I got a job. (In fact my first job) Though I have been playing a lot of tf2 and dirt 2.

    Also. Sam and Max series 3 is totally awesome! Im kinda sad that there is only one more left. Tf2 dispenser in the giant cloning area, anyone?

  77. Terese says:

    Heck, where are the Rebel FM lady listeners, am I the only Lonely No-Penis here? Wow, lots of wanking going on this summer. Getting close to the end of these games: Borderlands, ME2, Dragon Age:Awakening. Resolved to re-visit: Folklore, Heavenly Sword and Obilvion and finally close those gates, whip Whiptail and the gang and get the to end of Folklores mystery. Yah, sad I know, but oh well, I’m a newbie. (So new I have Ico, Okami, GOW 1&2 and Shadow o/t Colossus on ice next to a new PS 2 to play some day) Mac ‘n Cheese filler games: Snoopy Flying Ace, Zuma, Puzzle Quest 2, Carcasonne(lame-o I know) and Chime.
    Dipping in to Brutal Legend, Divinity 2 (blegh) Fallout 3 and thinking about Halo Reach as I’ve never played Halo, but not sure about going there. Assasins Creed 1 & 2 on the shelf of other wanna play games … Looking forward to Majin, RB3, Enslaved and Fable3, The Witcher 2, Deus Ex, Rage and DA2. Nearly completed my Ion drumset with all the extra’s, love those drums. On the fun side (haha) done some gardening, NW berry jam making, RB BBQ’s, bike rides and looking at the pile of books I need to read. Not excited about: Kinekt or Move. A tad tickled by 3D DS. Hot for PAX PRIME in Sept, my first. Hah. I’ll be seeing you there, but will be shy and lurking. Thanks Rebel FM, you guys are fab’.

  78. thefrozenpoison says:

    dsiXL and Dragon Quest 9.

  79. Bart says:

    Save the rpg’s for he summer! Save the games that require the most time to play for the summer, when you will have said time. I’m currently playing all 60 hours or so of dragon age, and mass effect2 is next on my list, not to forget pokemon heart gold. These should keep me gaming well into August.

  80. Jose says:


    Also, just beat ACII, and am starting on Gears of War PC.

  81. Matt Smith says:

    Not much, working in the PC tech support field takes up most of my time. Mostly be playing SSFIV, Split Second, and Transformers with friends. The usual BBQ and beer on the weekends when the weather is nice which it has been. So far this summer I have been compiling data for a website I am looking to start in which it will basically be about games, beer, cigars, and other random shit. Hard to find the time which kind of blows. I will also be house shopping near the end of the summer which I am looking forward to since I cannot stand living in my apartment anymore. Not to excited to be paying for something for the next 30 years though.

  82. Art S says:

    Not preparing for College applications when my senior year of high school is coming up and I’m hoping to apply and get into a high ranking/Ivy League college.

  83. Joel says:


    Pissing people off and getting into a lot of drunk online matches.


  84. Glock N Rollin says:

    Smokin’ some J’s, chasin’ some strange, playin’ some games. How we always do it around here amigo.

  85. tom says:

    This summer, I’ve been taking Stats and Microbio, getting ready to move from my home in Cape Cod to an apartment in Philly to start Optometry School, working at a bar, and catching up on my backlog: Mirrors Edge, Dead Space, Bad Company 2, and Dante’s Inferno (can you tell I’m an Xbot?). Also, spending time with my lovely girlfriend of 5 years who will be moving with me.

  86. Tracey says:

    Squeezin’ the ju-uuuice

  87. Clerkb0y says:

    I never thought i would be playing metal gear peacewalker and persona 3 on my psp and really enjoying it. i guess these games are just right being portable. any portable games that you guys have taken an shine to? or maybe for the ride or flight to pax

  88. Pacmanster says:

    Between the shitstorm of game releases this summer, I am teaching 3 college classes and developing an online class for the first time. This busy schedule has been contrary to previous summers and makes it hard to be lazy and play games all day, which is what I usually do come late July.

    The free time I get allows me to play one or two games a week alone or with friends, most recently Alan Wake, Crackdown 2 and Lost Planet 2.

    When summer school gets out, I am going to do some camping in San Diego and enjoy some much needed time off.

  89. SaintGekko says:

    My summer has been filled with work and financial woes. I still make time for video games though and have been playing the likes of Dead Space (on Impossible), Red Dead Redemption, and MGS: Peace Walker.

  90. Curran James says:

    Listening to you assholes and trying to keep up with current games! Love the Show!

  91. Drew says:

    Learning how to make maps and assets for Urban Terror, participating in the mapping competitions and help forums. I picked up Assasins Creed 2 on the cheap and enjoyed it, then tried getting into Red Dead, but haven’t been feeling it. Also picked up Civ 4 and have been playing on and off.

  92. Haakon says:

    After all them steam deals im loaded with games, but the one that stuck out and got me addicted was Borderlands. Great game and one of the few i already want to play again, this time, different class and some friends, BAM set for months.

  93. eye in the sky says:

    At odds with most people, in the great outdoors

  94. Chris C says:

    Well seeing as I’m a college student with no summer job, and no extra income, I’ve been renting games, using a similar service to GameFly here in Ireland. So far have got Split/Second, Alpha Protocol (Absolutely hated), Prince Of Persia: Forgotten Sands (Finished 100% in about 8 hours, all trophies), Singularity (I know Arthur will disagree but I really like it).

    I’ve also been playing a few Downloadable titles like Joe Danger, and I also subscribe to Playstation Plus, so I get free games every month which is handy when you don’t have alot of cash, Last month was Wipeout HD, Destruction Derby for PSX, Fieldrunners and Age Of Zombies, enjoyed all of them.

  95. Oherro says:


    -I finally got my own legal copy of Adobe Illustrator CS4 and have been goofing around with it.
    -Got around to playing Saints Row 2. GTA knock off? Sure. Funerer than GTA? Yes.
    -Played 2 months of Champions Online, then played 3 weeks of Star Trek Online and 3 hours of APB. Also, I hate myself for liking MMO’s. I wish someone would make a Seppuku MMO.
    -Reading fiction and non-fiction books on ancient Greece.
    -Re-watching Farscape and Star Trek: Voyager. Fun Fact: Sarah Silverman was in 2 episodes Voyager season 3.

  96. The Warden says:

    I’ve been playing Demons Souls, Red Faction Guerrilla and catching up on ME2.

    Also started working out with the REBEL FM fit plan. Every time topic goes off the deep end (Hate on Demons Souls, Transformers talk etc.) I do 20 push ups. Arthur commenting on anything penis related is rewarded with fifty crunches.

    Used to be able to do less than 10 push ups, now I can do 50 in a row. Stomach looking toned as well. Thanks Rebel FM!

  97. Blake says:

    Last summer, I rode my bicycle across the country:

    This summer, I’m sitting on my ass. Well, technically, I guess I did that last summer too…

  98. nou_darake says:

    some of these will happen, some will not:
    real life
    1) write and publish a scientific research paper.
    2) finish my phd dissertation.
    3) prepare to enter the hospital as a 3rd year md student.

    gaming life
    4) complete a 3rd and 4th playthrough of ME2.
    5) finally finish mirror’s edge.
    6) finally play to splinter cell: chaos theory.
    7a) convince my wife to play something other than tetris and mario kart.
    7b) bonus if that something is dead space: extraction.
    7c) ultra bonus points if i can get her to play sin and punishment 2 and NOT hate me and gaming.
    8a) stop buying shitty iphone games (honestly, most of them suck, with a few brilliant exceptions).
    8b) actually use the skills i learned playing nimble strong.
    9) finish prof layton’s diabolical box, 1 puzzle at a time.

  99. JGoddard says:

    Working on my thesis film, mostly.

    I’m also madly applying for jobs, trying to find my way into the games industry as a character animator. There don’t appear to be a lot of open positions these past few years — go figure — and those that are available are often temporary contracts. It’s hard to fathom moving all the way out to the west coast for a limited temp job, but it’s looking more and more like that’s going to be a necessary risk.

    I’m also gaming in the evenings, catching up on PS3 titles while my PC cranks out renders. I’ve done some damage to my backlog; the Uncharted, Ratchet, and Resistance games, Far Cry 2, RDR, and Transformers WFC all finished in the past few months!

  100. crscheid says:

    A nerd sendoff before I go to college for the first time, leaving behind my ps3 and pc for a mac.

    I’ve purchased Dragon Age and TF2, and also have a short time subscription to EVE Online, the first MMO i’ve ever played.

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