Rebel FM Episode 80 — 10/13/10

AMERICA! This week we talk for way too long about Medal of Honor, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Sengoku Basara, and more (and you’re free to guess which of those games we actually thought was good – it might not be what you think!). Then we judge entries (and pick winners) in our Civilization V contest, and read some letters. PENIS, FUCK YEAH.

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  1. Lucas says:

    Wow this was early. You guys rock.

  2. David Doel says:

    Just want to show my support for Arthur.

    It was a well-written review that backed up it’s score card.

    And like seriously, where did these MOH fans come from? lol

    • Gert says:

      I hoped/hope i’ll like MOH 2010, but all the reviews say it’s bad.
      Imagine you have hopes for Dead Space 2 and it turns out to be a horrible game.
      I have/had hopes for MOH 2010.
      If there’s a demo on PSN i’ll try it.
      And if it sucks i’ll be dissapointed and put my money on SWTFU 2, and if that one sucks then i’ll look to Dead Space 2.

      Maybe Respawn will make my dream military game.

      By the way Arthur, since you know a bunch of tech stuff, could you tell me what the min read/write speed for a PS3 HDD should be? Or any tips on what i should watch out for?

  3. Mike says:

    Arthur is a honest man…..haters gonna hate.

  4. Zach says:

    I actually quite enjoyed Medal of Honor, but can see why you gave it the score you did. I disliked the completely single line driven experience of the game, the scripted events that took too long to start, and the very short story. I did enjoy what story was there, the cool little set pieces and the multiplayer that is just a smaller bad company. I could care less what arbitrary number you were forced to attach to the game, because reading your review of the game painted a very good picture of what the game is; Not BC2 or MW2. And that’s kind of what I’ve wanted I guess. Glad to see that you’re taking all of this negativity in strive. Anyway keep up the show, yall are awesome!

  5. Jose says:

    Being an octogenarian isn’t nearly as sexy as when you’re in your 60s.

  6. Christopher J says:


  7. iceveiled says:

    Without listening to the podcast, but having read Arthur’s review of MoH earlier this week, I would just like to say that, if forced to score the game on a 1/10 scale, I’d give it a solid 8 and felt that Arthur’s score of 6 was a touch low, but understandably.

    I’m heavily into military culture, the spec ops community, and I religiously follow every development on the war on terror while absofuckinglutely supporting our troops, whether I agree with the cause or not. I felt the game captured the spirit of the special forces community as far as how a handful of well trained american operatives can TRULY take down 10 fold opponents (read a book called ‘Lone Survivor’ written by a Navy SEAL who survived against unfathomable odds in a botched operation versus Taliban fighters in the mountains in Afghanistan) but I was disappointed in the meathead bravado portrayed by the soldiers in the game, which I felt was unfair to the hardworking special forces community who been successful due to spirit and mental toughness more than their muscles. Ask any SEAL, and they will tell you getting through BUD/S is 90% mental and 10% physical.

    Believe it or not, a lot of american special forces members are highly educated and have scholarly backgrounds that do no include military training.

    That said, looking forward to listening to the latest RFM tomorrow. :)

  8. iceveiled says:

    To follow up, the book I mentioned, Lone Survivor, was written by a man named Marcus Luttrell who was the lone survivor of a 4 man SEAL team inserted into the mountains of afghanistan to gather intel and/or kill a Taliban leader. The operation was called operation red wing. One of the members was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. And that, my friends, is a seque. :)

  9. iceveiled says:

    and by seque, I mean segue

  10. iceveiled says:

    …Annnnnd because a triple post isn’t enough, here’s a pic of some of the team members of Operation Red Wing prior to their fatal mission.

    Note the heavily modified weapons. Suppressors, PEQ4 laser designators, etc. These men are all Navy SEALs. Also note their beards. Yes, the beard was a tired meme generated by the EA MoH marketing blitz, but it’s true – operators DO grow beards to not stick out like a sore thumb, as most middle eastern men grow beards. Camouflage all the way.

    Marcus Luttrell is the tall man – third from the right. He survived numerous wounds, including a broken back from an RPG blast, and survived nearly on his own for days in the gnarly afghan mountains before being rescued days later (a helicopter trying to rescue his team was shot down by Taliban fighters resulting in many K.I.A american forces aboard that bird). He was awarded the second highest naval military commendation, the Navy Cross.

    The man directly to Marcus’s left was part of his team and was K.I.A. I think most, but not all, of the rest of the men in this picture were part of a QRF (quick reaction force) aboard the rescue chopper that was shot down by Taliban RPG’s. All aboard that chopper died. Most of the crew were normal Navy and not spec ops. R.I.P to all.

    Yeah I probably know way too much about this shit, but I figured at least a few of you would find it interesting.

    • Anand says:

      “Yeah I probably know way too much about this shit, but I figured at least a few of you would find it interesting.”

      Yeah, just as interesting as the holocaust.

  11. Tyler says:

    This is my first time commenting and just wanted to give my support to Arthur on his fair review of Medal of Honor. The majority of people posting on IGN lack far too many IQ points (I’ve read about 100 of the comments and couldn’t continue). Mike is very correct when he says, “Haters gonna hate.” Keep up the great work guys. I always enjoy listening to the podcast whenever they come out, especially when they come early. Thanks again.

  12. Magmaros says:

    can anyone tell me whats up with americans and saying that games are disturbing because you can blow limbs and crap off enemies? i really don’t get what the problem with it is, they’re not actual people, they’re just part of a program, not reality, to me this doesn’t make any sense at all.

    • Lucas says:

      Because their response has at least some minimal level of verisimilitude.

    • Jose says:

      Nobody is talking about TF2 here, but instead about games based on actual wars where real humans fought and died for causes that may or may not have been just. These are wars which we Americans fought, whether they be glorified images of WWII, or difficult to accept conflicts such a Vietnam or Afghanistan. And whereas other mediums such as film have already made pieces that dealt more honestly with the totality of war, games have not. And some might say they can not, and with a fan base of people like you, it’s easy to agree with them. As you stated, you simply don’t get it.

      If these aren’t actual people then why was Six Days in Fallujah canceled? Why did they have to change the name from Taliban to “Opposing Force”?

      • Wreckless_4485 says:

        Were there limbs blown off and real people portrayed in the “Brother in Arms” games? I can’t remember. I thought that was a series that dealt with war fairly well.

        • Jose says:

          Oh sorry, dang. Never played the Brothers in Arms series. Was that the squad based game like Star Wars: Republic Commando? If so, I always wanted to check one of those games out, maybe it’s about time I do.

        • Jose says:

          YOU BASTARD! Road to Hill 30 was only $9.99 on Steam, so I couldn’t not buy it. Can we get Game Club revived for this game?

  13. Wreckless_4485 says:

    I don’t see how a huge a number of comments consisting of shit like, “it’s obvious that EA didn’t send enough ‘freebies’ to IGN’s way” (which was an actual comment), requires any kind of response at all. What would you say to these people? Would they even care? I would respect an, “it is what it is,” and a shrug.

  14. Coheno says:

    Hellz yeah suport for Arthur! Haters definitely gonna hate!

  15. Jose says:


    I just dropped into the Vindictus beta last night and although I only had a brief spell with the game going through the prologue, I thought it was already interesting. It seems to have a pretty solid action combat system more akin to Darksiders than say Kingdom Hearts. If I hadn’t tons of yard work to do at my mom’s today, I might be getting back into that this morning, but it’s definitely on my to-do list for the weekend.

  16. ComradeCrash says:

    Wow dude! I figured the podcast would come sat so I didn’t bother to check until now. Keep up the good work guys!

  17. Andy says:

    Podcast pet peeve: Saying “SPOILER”, not even stopping to take a breath or allow me to FF if I feel the need, then continuing into talk of cakes or similar.

    Wasn’t a big deal here, it’s just happening on a lot of podcasts later on stuff that IS story critical if I’m playing a back catalog.

    Not a complaint specifically about this episode, just something to think about.

    Thanks for the podcast guys.

    • Andy says:

      Gah. Later=lately.

      “Wasn’t a big deal here, it’s just happening on a lot of podcasts lately on stuff that IS story critical if I’m playing a back catalog”

  18. thevamp25 says:

    i looooooove them Rebel FM`s

  19. faceturd says:

    In MOH, the favorite part defending the hut you mentioned broke for me. I died about half way through the fight defending the far left window and when it respawned me it dropped me in the hills where the enemies were coming a good distance from the hut. To make matters worse, I was encapsulated in an invisible circle that instant killed me so I couldn’t ever leave a very small area and it would continue to drop me back in the same spot. Enemies didn’t notice me and just ran passed, so I watched the whole scene like an out of body experience. …Sigh…

  20. Courtney says:

    In before, someone claims the Taliban blew up the WTC. Taliban /= Al Qaeda.

  21. Like MOH or not, there seems to be more people commenting on it than are actually playing it. There’s something awfully suspicious about that. Online multi-player numbers are really low, a real testament of the shotty game-play.

  22. Feanor says:

    This is the most commented on review that I know of; 2,000+ comments because Eurogamer dared to “only” give MGS4 an 8/10. But maybe Arthur’s MoH review can beat it.

  23. Coheno says:

    Wow! Kudos on the page re-design! Looks slick(er)!

  24. Gabbo says:

    After hearing him say it two weeks in a row, I wanted to correct Anthony about who is developing The Ball. The game is developed by Teotl Studios (who started the game as a Make Something Unreal mod), Tripwire (the studio behind Killing Floor and Red Orchestra) is publishing the game in North America

  25. Sean says:

    i’ve said this before on the IGN boards…and i realize the irony of posting this on a message board…

    but, what could possibly be the reason for that site to still allow comments on reviews or articles? it never, EVER turns out well. just always a constant war.

    i get the whole “stay connected to your community” crap, but, when your community is made up of 90% dickheads, maybe they DON’T need to express their opinions on everything.

  26. ryan g says:

    Instead of wanting to not look like a douche, you just made yourself look like a dumbass :) (in alovable way of course)… denouement isn’t the climax to a story, it’s the final resolution of a series of events, which happens at the end, *after* the climax to a story. But I’ll give you a pass since your michael j fox joke a couple weeks or so ago back was the one-liner i’ve laughed the hardest at all year :)

    • Mister Trench says:

      If anyone listened to the latest “Out of the Game”, they’d N’Gai says it like ten times in the space of 40 seconds. I think it was just drilled into Gies (assuming he listens to the podcast), and he spat it out before admitting how silly it was.

  27. Hell yeah they read my version of the Norse Civ.

  28. ink says:

    One of my favorite episodes so far. Keep it up!

  29. Kyle Wright says:

    In regard to the Dungeons and Dragons dispute between Arthur and Matt, I totally agree with Mr. Clean. From my experience, D&D doesn’t have anywhere near the audience that Matt seems to think it has today. The board game store I frequent has only a handful of people that play out of the large community of men and women that visit there.

  30. MaxDense says:

    It is what it is. Do you think there are almost 2000 comments because the review was right on the money?

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