Rebel FM Episode 84 – 11/19/10

We’re back! After a week off due to work madness and schedule catastrophe, we’ve returned to cram two weeks worth of game talk into one goddamned show. After discussing Sonic Colors, Black Ops, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Fallout: New Vegas and more, we move on to a few letters.

This week’s music, in order of appearance:

The Vandelles – Fever of the Beat

The Rentals – Friends of P

My Chemical Romance – Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back

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  1. kifftopher says:

    Thanks for the episode, sorry for your loss.

  2. Antonio says:

    Fringe is awsome! I know this has nothing to do with the podcast but I thought people should know.

  3. SANZEE says:

    Arthur Geis is my hero.

    • Gert says:

      Yet he can’t remember the name of the 4th guy in Zombie Mode.
      Robert Mcnamara.
      How the fuck did none of the RFM crew remember his name?
      Watch The Fog Of War. Educate yourselves.

      • Aegies says:

        I’ve actually seen Fog of War. Which sort of it makes it worse, I’ll admit.

        • Gert says:

          Wait worse how?
          Bad documentary?

          I walked away thinking damn that dude killed an awfull lot of people.
          And i thought why the rest of the world even talks with the US since it’s largley responsible for wars, financial crisis, pollution. The US is a third world country with the facade of a dominator.
          Sometimes they make North Koreo look like heaven.

          • Aegies says:

            Worse in that I have read about about and watched things involving McNamara, and couldn’t remember his name while we were talking about COD.

  4. Matt says:

    Appreciated, I’ve been hoping this would come soon.

  5. Jose says:

    What video with so much sequence?

  6. Jesse Bass says:

    On the fallout discussion everything Matt liked about the game I disliked. I will preface by saying I played for 20 hours on console, then stopped after the bugs got to much. It seems to me Matt played the game with a wallthrough and was constantly alt-tabing his way through the game. I really hate when I am forced to play games that way as it seems like I’m ticking things off things instead of playing the game. Also the fact that every mission is tied to the main quest turned me off the game. In fallout 3 I discovered locations and experienced the little story then moved on. In NV I felt like every side quest was this really small thing I did that was preparing for the finale. There were no moments like going to the capitol just to fight a Behemoth Super Mutant or finding a Violin in a triply fault for some old lady. The fact that they re-used every asset really bugged me. After over 100 hours of fallout to walk into the same building really annoyed me. About the story the thing that tipped me over was after being told the story is all grey when I met the Legion and saw how they acted I just slaughtered them. After being pardoned by them and being forced to visit them I just killed Caesar there. I mean I spend most of the game up to that point killing Legion what do you think I would do, walk away? Also NV is really cramped compared to 3. With 3 you had to actually explore and in NV it seems like just over the hill is something else to do. It felt less like a world and more like a set of triggers. As you can tell I quite disliked NV even after loving 3. Great cast so far, thanks for doing it.

  7. ComradeCrash says:

    Yay new episode! Thanks for the show, can’t wait to here it!

    • ComradeCrash says:

      I never noticed but yeah, Arthur is right. There is the meat and then there are the butchers when it comes to COD…I just love being the butcher. lol

  8. iceveiled says:

    Here’s a list of xmas films:

    A Christmas Story is a must watch. It’s one of the best xmas movie flicks.

    Batman Returns is a good christmas movie? Really Arthur? That move is not a GOOD anything movie.

    But hey, you did watch home alone so why not?

    • Emily says:

      The whole movie discussion was teetering between laugh out loud hilarious, and totally and utterly ridiculous. It got to the point where I wanted to stop listening for fear of getting really angry. What kind of twisted world is this where Batman Returns is recommended over The Polar Express for holiday viewing?

    • Gert says:

      How about Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas?

      How about any good movie without a christmas message that induces puking.

      Watch The Road, it’ll be the farthest you’ll get from christmas.

  9. IUMogg says:

    I might buy COD:BLOPS if the 4th guy in zombie mode was Kurt Cobain. Come on activision you already have the model.

  10. Sergio says:

    Love me some rebel fm! Undead Nightmare is 10 bucks. 10 bucks and I played about 10 hours before I finished the main story, which is a hell of a deal imo.

  11. CodyH says:

    Good episode. I’m being a straight up masochist this week from listening to all the podcasts praise Assassin’s Creed yet I don’t have it.

  12. NDN Shadow says:

    First person to link the video that was being discussed in the beginning gets a virtual cookie from me.

  13. Jarvis says:

    Spoiler FM…

    Seriously guys, you should’ve given some kind of warning for spoilers, especially for Fallout and RDR: Undead Nightmare. I realize you guys work in the industry and go through this kinda content more quickly, but for those of us who don’t hang out on message boards or have to play games for a living, a lot of this stuff is a mystery. I kinda feel you guys could’ve just done a quick “spoilers for this game…” and everything would’ve been fine…I would’ve fast-forwarded and life would go on.

    Love the show, btw…sorry for the bitching post…

    • Helen C says:

      Yeah, between avoiding Fallout and Assassin’s Creed talk, it was a pretty short show for me. That’s what I get for being two years behind.

      • Robert Delone says:

        Agreed. Far too many spoilers talked about, especially annoying when a person wants to experience a game organically.

        I liked the opposing views on New Vegas but I think you guys should be able to frame your references to plot points in much less direct terms. For instance in the part where the “Legion BLANKS the whole BLANK holy shit!” Please realize that that impact is now completely taken away from the rest of us.

        • Lucas says:

          boohoo. Never mentioning spoilerific topics impedes discussion. If they don’t talk about it now then they never will, unless they do a podcast like they did for mass effect 2.

          • CodyH says:

            And you can’t do that for every major release.

            While I haven’t played AC:B yet it’s not gonna stop me from listening or getting pissed if they accidentally spoil something.

          • Robert Delone says:

            It’s not a matter of not talking about spoilers, it’s just about a minor courtesy of saying SPOILERS BEWARE in the show notes, that’s all. No need to get your panties all in a knot. Now I can give these guys a lot of latitude, they are nowhere near a pro podcast so I shouldn’t compare them to Joystiq, but it would be really cool, if like Joystiq or Weekend Confirmed they would have a spoiler talk section at the end. Because I like spoiler talk.

          • Helen C says:

            I should say that I agree with the people arguing they *should* talk about the recent/upcoming stuff they’re playing. I think it is pretty obvious when the show notes say “this week: Assassin’s Creed and Fallout” that talk will be about what is actually in the game. Completely tip toeing around everything that could be a spoiler would make for a very awkward conversation. If you’re really on spoiler watch for something, skip ahead as soon as the discussion starts, especially if it’s the second or third time it’s been on the show and therefore the talk is likely to be more in-depth. No need to start plastering every topic with warnings that are implied anyway.

            • Jose says:

              I know I’m not alone in that I listen to multiple gaming podcasts, and in each there is always something spoilery when talking about the latest games. Whether it’s a particularly biting joke, or a witch conjuring up an entire church with which to smash enemies, different people have different ideas about what constitutes “spoilers”. I can’t play all the latest games, whether it’s because I don’t have the money for the game, or I have to wait for a PC port, when I listen to podcasts that talk about games in which I’m interested, I know I’m just going to have to deal with it. It comes with the program (literally).

              Then again, when games I’m never going to play (like Fallout New Vegas) get spoiled rotten, I could not be happier to have all the relevant content summed up nicely in a twenty minute segment. Why would I want to play a game about a neon wasteland full of soulless non-people: that exists 5 hours away in Old Vegas. *zing*

              • Robert Delone says:

                Yeah, in reality I made it a bigger deal than it was. After the thing about New Vegas, I immediately went to the town in question and I guess I had just happened by it before and just skirted the edges, so in all likelihood if they hadn’t have said anything I wouldn’t have experienced it. But I guess there is the caveat that I would have viewed the Legion a little differently. Interesting anyways.

  14. gordynyc says:

    Hey guys,
    Love the show, as usual. One thing I’d like you guys to please be aware of, especially someone as opinionated and equally intelligent as Arthur G, is of the growing pattern that has become pervasive in the gaming press of dismissing games as being too Japanese. Please stop and find better ways of articulating your opinions.

  15. Evan_G says:

    Die Hard

  16. Akira'sCrow says:

    Great that the show is back. Missed it last week. As stated above, Undead Nightmare is only $10 not $15 as Tyler said.

  17. Akira'sCrow says:

    Oh and Lethal Weapon is also a great Christmas movie.

  18. Elliott says:

    oh yeah, i almost forgot. we made a facebook profile for her.

  19. ink says:

    Great episode! Fat penis!

  20. Jose says:

    I’m certain this isn’t the appropriate place for this but is there an easier way to search the archive than two-at-a-time?

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