Rebel FM Episode 107 – 07/01/11

Greetings! This week we’re joined once again by Area5′s Ryan O’Donnell as we talk about Child of Eden, Ocarina of Time, CivWorld and more. Then we… you know the drill.

This week’s music, in order of appearance:

The Kills – Black Balloons;

Blood Red Shoes – Colors Fade

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  1. Snkz says:

    I want to have your children.

  2. Jonah Falcon says:

    Woo! A new ep! DLing.

  3. dane clark says:

    Thanks for the podcast guys. It’s greatly appreciated.

  4. William Smith says:

    Still playing borderlands and killzone 3.
    I think i might be getting a cat this month! I’ll be happy if i get one. =]

  5. Gert says:

    Alright, i hope Child Of Eden is good.

    I hope there is some Rez-like music in there. Keep it non-poppy.

  6. ComradeCrash says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to listen!

  7. Bromley Lover says:

    No Bromley or Altano this week, after the layoff last week? What the fucks?!?!?!

    • Bromley Hater says:

      Im glad that asshole got fired, Ive always hated that vulgar idiot for always thinkinking hes so funny. Well he’s not, there’s nothing funny about being rude and offensive, if making jokes about peoples problems and insulting others was funny, no one would have a problem with it, and every comedian would do it. Also he shouldve realized that we want hear about video games, not laugh, if you want something to laugh about, go watch fox news, thats not igns division. Also If there’s one bad thing to take away from this, its that I can no longer complaign about Bromely, which I liked doing, so in that reagard, I will miss him. Now I have to find someone else to complaign about.

  8. Jonah Falcon says:

    Hey guys, Civilization World is going into open beta in a week or so.

  9. Old Dirty Baron says:

    Good show this week. I tuned out during most of the handheld/iOS talk, but that’s because I honestly don’t care about Newgrounds quality games on my phone.

    Quick aside, Matt, man, I love you and all, but your unwavering defense of 3D movies is kind of sad. 3D has come and gone as a fad for film since the 1950′s. It’s never caught on because no one is interested in wearing glasses for two hours, or experiencing severe headaches from the shuttering between lenses. I think you’re right that media will eventually embrace the concept of 3D, but it’ll probably take the form of something similar to the holodeck from Star Trek. As it stands, no sign is pointing toward 3D surviving the next three years.

    • Sean P. says:

      Polarized glasses are a bad comparison to make with todays 3D displays/glasses, as is the case when making comparisons with technology, or anything from the 50′s with anything from today. I disagree with the argument that 3D is either a revolution or a gimmick, I feel that its neither, nor does it needs to be a revolution. Its an additive feature, if it enhances the presentation of a game/movie, all the better, but if its a distraction or a hazard, then It should be removed. So no, I dont believe it needs to be something out of Star Trek to be worthwhile, rather a feature thats just there. How much a additive feature should cost is another topic entirely.

      • Sean P. says:

        Just to add: Im not saying that its feasable for 3D to be marketed and sold as an additive feature, Arthur is right in pointing out that 3D is too expensive for what it’s supposedly making at the box office, and in stores, and companies havent done a very good job of marketing it, as he also pointed out. Obviously if movies are making less than their “2D” counterparts, rather than more its pointless, even the 3DS is priced rather steeply, when that really should be the most accessible/successful implementation of 3D to a wide audience. I dont think the 3DS should be counted out at all, but the options for that handheld are limited. Im still hopeful that 3D will survive long enough to become more accessible, but Im not holding my breath, even as an optimist.

        • Jonah Falcon says:

          I might add there’s a 30 year trend with 3D:

          1950′s – rose (Bwana Devil, etc) and fell
          1980′s – rose (Coming At Ya!, etc) and fell
          2010′s – rose and dying

  10. asghaha says:

    Tyler ‘Garbage Indie Game’ Barber is out and still all we get is IOS and Facebook games talk? SMH.

  11. hashah says:

    Arthur Geese is the worst kind of Nintendo troll.

    • Sean P. says:

      Arthurs opinions along with the others are (usually) respectful and well reasoned, even when I disagree with him, but really if you cant handle someone critcizing something because its something you like (which is commonly “expressed” on the internet) thats your problem, you cant perceive every criticism as an insult, being critical doesnt warrant being called some stupid internet word.

      -Okay, Im done posting comments, I post way too many on this site,

  12. Ian says:

    I just shut-down the religious recruitments by professing my love of whatever it is that their religion specifically forbids; pork, beef, alcohol, or whatever. If they persist then just do it in front of them. (it should even work with sodomy depending on your level of commitment)

  13. Jonah Falcon says:

    Re: Minority protagonists. Most games let you create your own avatar anyway, male or female, any skin color. Look at Mass Effect – and Bioware made the “official” Commander Shepard deliberately mixed race, so he has no real identifiable heritage.

    There’ve also be a strong trend towards letting you have a male OR female protagonist in a game, too.

    • Conor Davenport says:

      Default Shepard isn’t white? He looks white.

    • Sean P says:

      I disagree (respectfully), default male Shepard’s skin is slightly tanned, but other than that, I had no reason to assume he was anything other than caucasian. At the risk of sounding offensive, because of his voice, he just sounds like a white guy (to put it bluntly) regardless of his appearance, which is slightly jarring to me. Jennifer Hales voice (who I consider the better voice actress) is somewhat better suited for multiple appearances, but still conspicuous. Its usually the same case for other games, though there really arent that many dialogue heavy games. If you count games with little or no dialogue, voice isnt really an “issue”, but in general there arent that many games with fully featured character creators.

      -Also, I dont care what Anthony says, call me a minority and I’ll hit you…. well I wont hit you, but youll get a talking, thats for damn sure.

    • Lucas says:

      Most? By most I assume you mean some western rpgs. The rest tend to be white men.

      • Sean P. says:

        Im not saying that they didnt try to make shepard look diverse, Im just dont think they did a good enough job, Im saying that besides his skin tone Shepards default appearance only comes off as caucasian to me, it didnt sell to me. I thought the original Shepard looked more diverse facially than the current one. Just saying.:. dont call me a minority.

    • Helen C says:

      Sure, you can pick any skin colour you want for Shep, but can you choose their ethnicity in any meaningful way? Not so much.

      • Jonah Falcon says:

        How not so? You can make Shep white, black, Hispanic, Asian, male, female, etc.

        • Sean P says:

          But you cant set their voice. It’s slightly jarring to see hear multiple Shepards with one  voice. Even with just one, I feel compelled to make him/her look a certain way because of the way he/she sounds. ME’s character creator is undermined by the fact that the game gives my custom character no unique personality or character traits in the same way that choosing gender does, its still the same person with a different face. Im sorry if I sound like an ass, Im just expressing my desire for future Bioware esq games to do more with character creators.

          • Gert says:

            WEEEHHH!!!! “I can’t make my onscreen character look Chinese, man this game is racist.” WHEEEEEEEHHHHHH!

            A person i defined by it’s actions not his appearance.

            How about they make Shepard look like a fuckin’ human.

            • Lucas says:

              If a game espouses that it is about choice and you don’t have the ability to choose your own race in it then it is doing it fucking wrong.

              • Gert says:

                Well lets add a furry and a shemale then.
                How about they add the Second Life character creator.

                You’ll be able to run around in space like Shawn Elliott did in Second Life.
                With a dildo on your face and a bag a popcorn in your hand. All BUT NAKED!
                All the choice you want.

                Mass Effect doesn’t revolve around black or white. It’s about the choices you make and what effect they have on your surroundings and yourself.

                • Sean P says:

                  Furries? What the hell are you talking about? The issue is that the majority of games (with humans), commonly feature a white (usually male) protagonist or playable character. Even today thats still the case, only a small percentage of games feature minorities as playable characters. And the rebel fm guys have discussed it, alot of people in game development are usually white, thats just the way it is, Im not saying that every game should have allow you to be whomever you want, or shoehorn a black, or a hispanic character (with Steve Blums voice of course). But the fact remains that games still under represent in diversity..

                  • Gert says:

                    This would only be an issue for people who look at color and race and not at the person.
                    If most games would feature characters with african characteristics i would not complain about no being able to play a white man or the lack of white characters.

                    It’s about the person not color.

                • Lucas says:

                  the fact that you say shemale as a stand in for shemale says everything I need to know about you. More typical reductio ad absurdum bullshit.

                  • Sean P. says:

                    I disagree, because its more than just a superficial physical feature, some of the characteristics of a person are attributed from their personal background, and throughout history race has been an undeniable developing factor for millions of individuals, for better and for worse. Again, Im not saying that every game should shoehorn racially different characters in just to have them, because it needs to be authenic and needs to fit the contex of the game, it doesnt even need to be a theme, just a subtle thing thats there. As it stands, games just dont do that, and whether it’ll happen or not I dont know.

                    • Sean P. says:

                      @Gert by the way

                    • Gert says:

                      That’s roleplaying and i understand you’d like freedom. But i hope one day people don’t have to think about race anymore as a characteristic. Race shouldn’t define who you are.

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  15. Jonah Falcon says:

    This is just insanely funny:

    The rumor that Microsoft’s next console will be released in 2012 got stronger by a report from Sony’s Taiwan-based partners that they have begun production of the PlayStation 4, complete with a Kinect-like gesture motion control included.

    According to Digitimes: “Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, assemblers of PS3, will undertake assembly of PS4 as well, the sources pointed out. The planned shipment volume of PS4 in 2012 is at least 20 million units, the sources indicated.”

    So much for the PlayStation Move, huh?

  16. Jose says:

    I DID the census, and eff you all, I’m white now. Check it again if you doubt me.

  17. Enigmatic says:

    GTA San Andreas
    50 Cents Blood on the Sand
    True Crime Streets of New York

    All these games feature main characters who are black.

    • Lucas says:

      Okay so 5 games out of how many hundred? Not to mention only of of those is recent.

      • Sean P says:

        Neither Nomad nor Psycho in Crysis 1 are black. I havent played Crysis 2, but to my knowledge Alcatraz doesnt speak or take off his mask, could be wrong. And 50 cent doesnt count because he’s a celebrity, the developers didnt have to come up with a character, they just modeled one after him. What if Swordfish didnt do a 50 cent game, would the character still be black? So excluding those two, you only have three examples, and there are other examples of games with authentically non caucasian protagonists, but theyre still a “minority”… but seriously they are.

  18. Daigen says:

    Anyone else getting Earth Defense Force on X360 today? Send me an invite on Live: Daigen

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  20. Ragey says:

    Is there any discernible difference between the mp3 files on a week to week basis?

    My preferred way of listening is on my phone. I’ve got a Samsung i8910 and only some of the podcasts will appear in the music library. It will find the appropriate number of “new files” when refreshed, but only some will actually appear in the song list. All can be found and played through the ringtone selecting options though. I originally thought it may be bit rate, since only those at 128kbps seemed to show up, but episode 100 (at 80kbps) shows as well.

    If anyone can figure out the difference and give me a hand, it’d be much appreciated.

  21. Jonah Falcon says:

    Great news! Civilization World is now in open beta!


      Yeah, Arthur got my hopes up when he mentioned that he thought it might support HTML 5. Unfortunately it only supports flash, so THANKS A LOT ARTHUR!!

  22. Kevin says:

    One of the best songs by The Kills! Thanks for giving them some much deserved exposure. And, you know, good episode and all that too.


      @Gert That doesnt mean that it cant be embraced in a positive manner, the negatives of society should never ignored or forgotten, I dont care about having it as just some video game feature. In the U.S, we live in a mixed social backgrounds, and I think games should reflect that to a greater extent. Theres something of a disparity that I feel shouldnt be there, and it misrepresents the society we live in.

      • Sean P. says:

        Dammit, I forgot to retype my name. Arthur, if you happen to skim by please ignore the name in the post above me. Thanks alot Arthur!

      • Gert says:

        Ok, but as long as it’s not THE TOKEN NON-CAUCASIAN running around screaming stereotypical stuff.
        I don’t want a Chris Rock in my videogame. That guy is an sounds like an idiot.

        For all the guys bitching about a color option:
        Bioware can release the race-patch and there will be no fuss about it, right? Right?

        • Sean P. says:

          Well, no, that would be a terrible idea. Thats the kind of crap that movies, and tv shows have pulled in the past to try to appeal to a broader audience, and it usually came off as an offensive halfhearted marketing gimmick. I feel that youre misconstruing these comments (mine at least) as people calling the industry racist, but Im not. Im simply stating that games can and should have more diverse characters, but that does not mean that I want a race option, Ive already said this, I dont want games to shoehorn them in, I just want games to do a better job of portraying their characters, which they can.

  23. James Mason says:

    Arthur is my hero. He’s a sexy, sexy man beast.

  24. Beau says:

    Any news on a new episode?

  25. mugenstylus1 says:

    I was wondering what was the time stamp on the most interesting man letter with the quote “Prostitutes pay him”

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