Rebel FM Episode 115 – 09/23/11

We’re playing a lot of sequels, apparently! This week we talk a little bit more about Gears of War 3, then spend a LOT of time talking about Diablo 3, Resistance 3, Resident Evil 4, and more, then move on to letters.

This week’s music, in order of appearance:

Mastodon – Curl of the Burl;

The Raveonettes – Oh Stranger

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  1. eot says:

    I think Diablo 2 had stamina because in the original Diablo there wasn’t even an option to run, so when they introduced it they probably felt like they had to limit it somehow.

  2. Blade says:

    Was that the new Batman AC Song at the end?

  3. Gert says:

    I’m not a big fan of the F-YEAH stuff in Gears Of War 3 but damn that game has amazing visuals.
    The entire world is mangled and beautiful at the same time. It looks like a world instead of a collection of arenas.

    Any chance Gears Of War is ever getting ported to PS3? I mean it’s UE3 so it’s technically possible… right?

    • Sulik2 says:

      Its a first party Microsoft produced game. There is zero chance it will ever end up on PS3.

      • troubled_merc says:

        I’m with you Gert, but Sulik is right. I had a cousin visit me 2 years ago from england and he had Gears of War 2. I already knew the series and was a fan but could not pony-up the money to just buy a new console for 1 game. Long story short I played the hell out of Gears of War 2, even on insane mode with the output only in black and white (I dont know why the xbox was doing that to my tv screen)and enjoyed it. However, with all the talk about Gears of War 3…I might cave and just buy a low end xbox and get the triple pack (includes Gears of War 1, 2 and the DLC) and buy Gears of War 3. I must say Gears of War 3 is the only reason why I would get an xbox360. I’m not talking shit about other xbox’s games or xbox live (I agree it is a better service), but I just simply can’t commit to xbox360.

        PS: I still miss the dick and fart jokes =D Long Live REBEL FM

  4. Richard says:

    Welcome back to our ears!!

  5. Nick H. says:

    Lucky bastards who are playing Diablo 3, I’ve been checking my e-mail religiously for the last week for a beta invitation with no success thus far :(

  6. Sean P says:

    My excitement for Dance Central 2 probably eclipses any game coming out in Oct (or the rest of 2011), including Battlefield, Skyrim, Batman, etc. Im interested to see how it’ll do against Just Dance 3 that month, Im sure it’ll beat DC2 in sales on 360 alone, so I hope it can still hold out because I love Harmonix

  7. Martin Penwald says:

    About roadie runs in Gears: there actually was a limit to how long you can do the roadie run in Gears of War 1 (although you could restart it almost immediately IIRC).

    Looking forward to the Gears 3 spoilercast. If you haven’t done so yet, read the Gears of War novels, all of which were written by Karen Traviss (there is a ridiculous amount of stuff in Gears 3 that comes from the novels, whether it is characters like Sam or Bernie, places like Anvil Gate or Vectes, or even “events” like the whole encrypted disc thing. And many more things I’m not going to mention because of spoilers).

  8. Sam says:

    So I take it the new IP game that Arthur was alluding to that he didn’t enjoy is Rage? What other non-sequel or established franchise game is coming out in the next couple months.

  9. Blondi says:

    Listening to some old GFW podcasts and it’s pretty funny how closely Arthur matches up to the games ‘journalists’ they clown on.

    Pretentious – Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.

    That last part is important. Please don’t misunderstand what pretentious means Arhtur.

    • Sean P says:

      I get it already, you hate Arthur, jeez

      • Blondi says:

        The world must know! Seriously though, his twitter is starting to sound like a parody of himself.

        • Sean P says:

          I think youre obsessed with him

          • Blondi says:

            Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. I think Arthur should start using “whilst” especially when talking about Gears of War 3. Spoiler cast for Gears? Really? Really!!!!

            Maybe have one for Pacman and Dr.Mario while you’re at it.

            He also curiously tweets things that seem like they’d be better transmitted via email. One wonders why… actually, I think one knows. But does Arthur? I’m looking forward to a robot from the future telling me the story of how Arthur comes to be self aware.

            Also, I just think Arthur doesn’t control well, he’s an American ass American games journalist, and his frame rate is better on xbox 360. Also, he’s just not very good.

            • Blondi says:

              At least Shane doesn’t pretend he’s not biased. Also, Shane has thoughts and can express them. Arthur’s speaks a lot and says very little… and he’s not funny. It’s so aggravating!!!!! I’m so mad!!!!

              The source of this anger is that he ruins the podcast for me. I like Chuf but Arthur’s defensive pretentiousness cancels it out and then some.

              • Gert says:

                Arthur can be quite the elitist. I mean read the guys twitter feed. He talks he is an oracle, his truth is the only.
                He tweets about how writers should try harder, but then a Mr. Bennett Ring writes something shitty (see: Gamespy Diablo 3 Beta Musings) and then says he has “zero opinion” on the piece because he might one day work with the guy. Then don’t comment at all. “Zero opinion” pfffffff. Than later he claims to never apply self-censorship. (I guess he thinks and speaks perfectly.) On RFM he scoffs when the other guys talk about something he isn’t interested in (iOS games for example). I could go on and on about this. But he is just some random pretentious guy who thinks he has an important job.

                I’m sure this will be deleted because his dislikes what is he is reading.

                • Blondi says:

                  I think he gave up on trying to fight the haters. He’s like Shawn Elliott (who’s rad) but he has no original ideas and he’s not funny. He speaks in buzz words and cliches. He also White Knights like crazy. Man, please have one moment of self awareness… just ONE.

                  Can he talk about how Gears of War gives guys a negative opinion about their own bodies?

                  Also, he only seems to give a shit about the world’s problems when they’re front page news… he’s like an Orange County house wife. OMG someone is getting executed in the US, meanwhile the rest of the world is going to shit. Which is to say he just wants people to see how much he cares, when in fact he only cares about what people think about him.

                  • Blondi says:

                    Gert, careful about the language you use to describe Arthur, he might take ‘elitist’ as a compliment. You have to be very specific or he won’t understand what you’re saying. For example, I’d call his writing style pretentious, but I can’t just stop at that or he’ll think I mean it’s written at such a high level that I have trouble understanding what it is he’s writing. What I mean by pretentious writing is he’ll use specific words to try and covey how good his vocabulary is, instead of writing in a way which would best convey his ‘ideas’. He can’t fake good writing, you have to actually be a good writer, but he can throw in the least common words he can muster in an attempt to raise peoples opinions of his writing.

                    Can’t wait for you to get a job at Epic Arthur.

                    • Blondi says:

                      Arthur, Dark Souls when you die it’s a result of the actions you take. Who else could be responsible?? It’s a piece of software full of rules, not some ghost in the machine sent to get you.

                      Arthur, Dark Souls is ‘playable’. I watched the quick look on GiantBomb and it seemed like they were playing it.

                      Not being able to cancel out of every animation doesn’t mean the game doesn’t control well. You know how long an animation takes, you learn the animations of the enemies.. you just have to take that into consideration when you play. Deafer ears this couldn’t fall on I know, but just had to get that of my chest.

  10. Daniel Black says:

    In a previous episode, you reference another previous episode in which you answer a letter that asked about midwest conferences. Which episode was that? Or, even better, what are they? I’ve googled this and the results are a little disheartening.

    • Robert Delone says:

      There is the Midwest Gaming Classic, I think it’s somewhere in Illinois in early spring. It’s got a lot of guys like Trickman Terry and Ken from the golden age of EGM who are sort of the organizers. I’m going to try and get there this year. They are of a down home group though with things like SF4 tournies, Halo LAN’s etc as opposed to devs showing off stuff.

  11. Daniel Black says:

    I’ll look that up. Danke.

  12. I simply can’t watch for just dance 3 to turn up here in The low countries, the children will certainly love it and it is actually a very good physical exercise for them

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