Rebel FM Episode 137 – 04/27/2012

We’re back this week and talking about all of the games, including Super Monday Night Combat, Tribes Ascend, Diablo 2 (yep), Bloodforge and more. Then we move on to letters.

This week’s music, in order of appearance:

Mastodon – The Wolf is Loose;

Opeth – Ending Music

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  1. ink says:

    No ME3 spoilercast? That’s OK. :-)

  2. kidney mage says:

    Bring on the Dragon Age II spoilercast!



  3. Huxley says:

    I’d love to hear a ME3 spoiler cast with usual crew, plus Ryan and Matt. Maybe the time has passed :/

  4. Harris says:

    I feel we have reached the Mass Effect over-saturation tipping point. Ever body has already talked about it and to such an extent, it is not really worth going on about. I would love to replay the series, but I need a break from talking and thinking about it.

  5. jojo says:

    Whats up with not discussing the demo for dragons dogma. Im pretty sure u guys saw it early but it just went live to us. I was wondering what you guys opinion of it was.

  6. eot says:

    There’s an item prefix for magic items that gives them sockets (up to max sockets) but it’s typically not that useful, mostly since you can’t do runewords in them. You can add sockets regularly to magic items though, but they’ll only get 1-2 sockes.

  7. eot says:

    Arthur, I understand your frustrations with Witcher 2. The bossfights in particular are really quite awful and the combat does get too easy in the second half of the game unless you play on the hardest setting.

    However, a lot of the smaller frustrations are easy to overlook if you’re already enjoying the game. I didn’t mind that some quests didn’t have a marker on the map because didn’t get tired of running around the forest. If you’re in a different headspace where you’re already annoyed by things, then it’s easier to get annoyed by other things. I bet people who didn’t get as sucked into the Mass Effect universe complained about the plannet scanning in ME2 much more than those who did. A context sensitive jump isn’t a great mechanic, but if you’re immersed in the story and world it’s not even going to register as a negative thing for you.

    The reason people heap praise on the game is because they buy into the setting as much as with something like Mass Effect. If you don’t, well then you’re not going to love it. If you don’t like any of the characters in Uncharted, well then it’s probably not worth playing the game. Story driven games can get away with being a bit clumsier than pure mechanic driven games.

    Finally, it’s actually worth seeing for yourself how much the game branches. It’s quite spectacular :d

  8. Just some guy says:

    Why do Americas say cowvalry instead of cavalry?

    • Jose says:

      I haven’t yet listened to the show, but perhaps it isn’t us Americans, and is just Anthony. He’s the one that drops a “nucular” from time to time.

  9. Ragenaut says:

    Holy shit- could you guys have come off as more arrogant and self-important with talking about how your jobs afford you better knowledge of games? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that you’re paid to play and think about games more than I am, but I still have to suffer the three of you having comparable opinions that often get in the way of your oh-so-deep pockets of knowledge and just as often result in circle jerks over the same games and round table condemnations of other games, for literally no other reason than there isn’t a single fucking dissenting voice among you. And let’s not forget how outright objectively wrong you often are. If you’d like, I can give you examples of both such occurrences, and I’ll even keep the scope limited to this very episode.

    Hell, I’ll just take the liberty- all three of you roundly condemned Stalker with nothing meaningful to say other than it was poorly executed. Now Stalker is my favorite shooter series this generation, but I’ll readily admit that the first game’s bugs were pretty fucking heinous. Outside that, how can any of you let that discussion end with “it’s poorly executed” without properly articulating yourselves? Isn’t that precisely what your jobs affords you in favor of us plebs? To talk about why a game is bad without using such binary and inarticulate words as “it’s poorly executed”? I couldn’t disagree with you more- Stalker’s atmosphere, open world nature that renders the player a part of the world rather than the world a part of the player (such as you see in Skyrim, for instance), and first in game design ballistics model that requires the player to do more than just point the little end of their gun at whatever they want to die sends Stalker far and away over shooters that are more keen to hold your hand and less keen to convince you that you aren’t playing a game.

    As for the matter of being factually and demonstrably incorrect- Arthur, the Kayran PRECISELY tells you which tentacles you need to attack. If you noticed, there are six tentacles, the two on either side have large glowing orange sacs that Geralt ONLY attacks when he traps those tentacles. The center two tentacles are missing these sacs, and as context clues would seem to suggest, these tentacles are invincible. This fight has problems for being far too formulaic, but it does a more than adequate job telegraphing exactly which tentacles need to be hacked away at to damage the creature.

    Right, I can’t imagine why anyone would EVER see fit to not bow to your clearly superior knowledge of video games, what with your regular and highly engaging sense of discourse and your first rate abilities to understand basic concepts like bosses with glowy orange bits.

    • Alex says:

      I agree with you on much of what you said. That they’re always in agreement on games with no dissenting opinion irritates me the most. Or that they say, “that’s a shame” when one of them bashes a game the rest haven’t even played; as if it’s impossible to be wrong. Perhaps if they all played the games that are talked about there would be real discussion. Obviously not everyone has the time, as they stated in the episode, but one-sided opinions really don’t work as far as podcasts go.

      Personally, I wish a site or podcast or whatever would steal and develop a review show, “Siskel & Ebert” style, where one person would introduce a game, give his or her opinion, open the floor to one or two other people’s opinions, have a debate, and end with simply a “recommendation” or “non-recommendation” (essentially thumbs up or thumbs down).

  10. Angelo L. says:

    Lot of rage over the last few pod-casts, at least according to comments… its apparent the leps have won the war.

  11. Iceveiled says:

    I’ve said this before, but I believe user comments have dropped off because you don’t engage your listeners anymore. It used to be you had questions of the week. People would write in hoping their comment would be read, and after the episode people would write in and once again share their thoughts and opinions in the comments section. I realize this involves even more planning and preparation so it’s fair that this is no longer part of the show. Times change after all.

    We appreciate all the spare time you put aside to do the show, and don’t begrudge you (much), when the show lapses for a week.

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