Rebel FM Episode 142 – 06/15/2012

We’re back from E3 and feeling almost human as we talk about our thoughts, good and bad, about a kind of strange E3. We talk about Watch Dogs, Halo 4, The Last of Us, AC3 and way, way more for most of the show.

This week’s music, in order of appearance:

Sevendust – Disease;


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  1. Old Dirty Baron says:

    this should be mighty alright.

  2. Adam says:

    Arthur, I both love you and hate you so much for this week’s closing song.

  3. Jonah Falcon says:

    Some things:

    1. The Wii U will support four controllers. It will now support two TABLETS, instead of one.

    2. AC3: I guess you guys never read The Last of the Mohicans. Especially since Connor resembles Natty Bumpo a LOT, including his background.

    3. Connor is dressed like a Native American. He’s also dressed in white BECAUSE IT’S WINTER. Camouflage.

    • Iceveiled says:

      OR…he’s dressed like an assassin because looking like an assassin and upgrading your appearance is a huge part of the series that keeps you playing and wanting for more upgrades.

      I’m not disagreeing, but not exactly agreeing either.

  4. Solomon says:

    Has Ryan OD OD’d. He hasn’t been one this podcast since the end of WW1 or so it feels that long. Mr Geese, Arthur Geese (I know I’ve spelt your name right) get Ryan on and if you can’t find him make sure you have looked underneath his fat pants.

  5. Solomon says:

    I just finished the podcast and wow you guys did the impossible, you made Microsoft appear as if they had a good E3. Every Sony discussion was full of faint praise and cynicism: What games are out this year, Worries about The last of Us, no mention about God of War a quick interjection about the poor showing of Wonder yet your surprising optimism over spyglass and a reluctance to air praise in regards of Beyond. I just wish the podcast had someone a bit more PS3 oriented in order to provide SOME equilibrium.

    • Old Dirty Baron says:

      Man, I don’t know. Couldn’t it be that the people on the show who went to E3 just weren’t… that interested? You know, in the Sony stuff?

      I’m interested in Beyond in the same way I was interested in Indigo Prophecy/Heavy Rain – that is, mildly optimistic. I know David Cage is a ponce and there’s a good chance Quantic Dream will fuck that game over by a third act twist that defies all logic, even the one internally constructed by the game’s narrative. I have a feeling that will happen because he’s done it twice before.

      God of War Ascension looks like a Vita game that escaped the pen and found its way onto the PS3. Nothing about it is interesting.

      Wonder Book got time (little of it, compared to most gaming podcasts) because it was a fucking awful demo. Even then Anthony, instead of straight up slamming it as a steaming pile of boring, offered criticism on how to improve showing that kind of technology.

      As for The Last of Us, it’s a 2013 game. Also consider that for what Naughty Dog is trying to achieve, they’ve never done that before. That is, displaying realistic violence with the same severity you would see in something like The Road. They’re approaching the material from that light, but as Arthur said, there’s no guarantee they can do it… because there isn’t. Up until this point, Naughty Dog has never made a serious game, or a game that tackled narrative and its subject matter in a serious light.

      Microsoft’s E3 showing was pretty bad. No real games except for a brief demo of Halo 4 (which to be fair, looks fucking great), and when you think about it, SmartGlass looks like it could change the way we interact with consoles. That of course depends on how developers integrate the technology, but as it stands it’s an optional component part instead of being integral to the experience (like say, the WiiU gamepad).

      I get that you feel that your console of choice is under-represented, but considering that the guys on the show have distinct and clear preferences, you probably should expect that going into the show.

      For future reference:
      Anthony – PC/Xbox Guy
      Arthur – Xbox Guy
      Matt Chandrowhatthefuck – PC guy, with flirtatious glances to the neXtbox
      Tyler Barber – PC Guy

      If anything, we should probably be complaining about how pro-PC Gaming this podcast is, but we don’t, because that’d be stupid. Why? Because the fellows like what the fellows like, and I doubt it’ll change.

    • Alex says:

      No fucking shit. By the end I was like, jesus…. am I in the Twilight Zone?

    • Iceveiled says:

      Also, listen to the album ‘Agony’ by ‘Fleshgod Apocalypse’ DO IT ARTHUR. Only a suggestion of course. Who the fuck am i?

  6. Iceveiled says:

    Too much liberal positing around Assassin’s Creed 3. Please don’t forget the fact that Assassin’s Creed 3 is a video game, not a political learning tool.

  7. Iceveiled says:

    that said, I love that my hackles rise when listening to the show. Negative or positive stimulation is still stimulation. Keep up the good work guys.

  8. CodyH says:

    Did anyone else have like 50 minutes of nothing after the end of the show?

    • Vince says:

      Yeah I saw that. Arthur must have just forgotten that there was a huge gap at the end before inserting the sound check bit. Oh well, mistakes happen to everyone.

      Also, LOVE THE OUTRO SONG!!!

  9. Bas says:

    Glad to hear honost opinions about the show. But I’m getting a little annoyed by all the people praising Watching Dogs. I get it, it’s a suprise! Ubisofts marketing strategy was very wise here! Now, move on…

    Although they didn’t say a lot about DayZ this time, I disappointed by the reactions of Matt and Anthony (don’t remember Arthurs) reactions about it. They laughed at it, like it is a silly game. Well, it isn’t, and it’s so cool to see a zombie game which doesn’t play like an arcade game.

    Tylers is the same as mine, which is tomorrow! 19th june born REPRESENT! xD

  10. Jonah Falcon says:

    Microsoft officially unveiled their tablet:

  11. Sammo says:

    I really hope Arthur doesn’t continue the false meme of smart glass being “a WiiU but with tech you already own”. I dislike the WiiU & even I know that’s not true. I noticed he did that on Twitter, like tons of other incorrect people.

  12. Sammo says:

    Adam Baldwin is a fucking asshole? I forgot you guys live in California. Adam Baldwin is much better than 99% of anyone else in Hollywood.

  13. Jonah Falcon says:

    Well, Nintendo 3DS XL announced.

    So much for “We’re not making any new iterations”. That promise took only 2 weeks to break. LOL

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