Rebel FM Episode 151 – 09/14/2012

We’re back! We’ve been gone for a couple of weeks but we’re back to kick your ass with lots of games talk, including extended conversations about Borderlands 2 and our thoughts (and launch predictions for) the WiiU. Then we close out with letters, and for those who missed it at PAX Prime, I’ve also included the panel I participated on with Dennis Scimeca, Kyle Orland, Kirk Hamilton, and Jeff Gerstmann where we discuss video game reviews — the good, the bad, and everything else we had time for. For those who are only interested in that, you can tune in at the 1:40:00 mark.

This week’s music, in order of appearance:

The Slip – Even Rats;

Times of Grace – The Forgotten One

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  1. michael weir says:

    The games review panel was interesting, thanks for including it this week.

  2. eot says:

    I think that the 70% who don’t click on page 2 is a bit misleading. They’re probably not reading the review in the first place, maybe they just clicked to see the score or to watch the video review. I know I do that sometimes, but if I start reading I usually finish.

  3. Richard says:

    Welcome back honkies!

  4. Helen C says:

    I would pay $100 for a second copy of The World Ends with You before I would pay $10 for a first copy of Final Fantasy XIII. That said, I can’t imagine the controls on the phone version are anything but ass.

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