The Rebel FM 2013 Game Music Spectacular!

We’re back and just in time for 2013′s Christmas Miracle — another Rebel FM Game Music Spectacular! We talk about some of our favorite game music of the year, much of which appears in full for your enjoyment. Happy Holidays, and we’ll see you (hear you?) next year!

This year’s music, in order of appearance:

DMC – Combichrist – No Redemption

Strike Suit Zero – Main Theme

Strike Suit Zero – Thule Research Station

MGRR – Rule of Nature

MGRR – I’m My Own Master Now

Tomb Raider – The Descent

Tomb Raider – The Tomb Raider

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Blood Dragon Theme

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Power Kore

Kentucky Router Zero: Act 1 – The Bedquilt Ramblers – You’ve Got to Walk

Kentucky Route Zero: Act 1 – Ghosts in the Static

Gunpoint – Main Theme

Bioshock Infinite – God Only Knows

Bioshock Infinite – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Bioshock Infinite – Fortunate Son

State of Decay – Main Theme

The Last of Us – The Last of Us

The Last of Us – The Quarantine

The Last of Us – The Outbreak

The Last of Us – Vanishing

Remember Me – Nilin The Memory Hunter

Remember Me – Fragments

Remember Me – Neo-Paris

Splinter Cell Blacklist – Welcome to Fourth Echelon

Brothers – Main Theme

Brothers – Webbed

Gone Home – The House, Part 1

Gone Home – The House, Part 2

Grand Theft Auto V – We Were Set Up

The Wolf Among Us – main theme

Guacamelee – Forest del Chivo

Killer Instinct 2013 – Main Theme

Killer Instinct 2013 – Sabrewulf’s theme

Resogun – Ready For Deployment

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – Dead Horse

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – Fish in the Sea

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – Leave Her Johnny

Super Mario 3D World – Ghost House Theme

Katamari Damacy – Main Theme

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  1. EdgeRiderPro says:

    back-fart symphony.

  2. Flufflogic says:

    What, no mention of the use of The Touch at the end of Saints Row? :D

  3. EdgeRiderPro says:

    fat penis

  4. IzunaDrop says:

    I know its not out, but no talk about Nuclear Throne? It deserves all the love for its sound design.

  5. IzunaDrop says:

    Also, no mention of I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing?!? If only Jerry Bruckheimer continued to make Armageddon-level cheese instead of Transformers :((( oh well RIP Michael Clarke Duncan, and thank you Saints Row IV.

  6. EdgeRiderPro says:


  7. Switters says:

    Just wanted to say happy holidays and tell you guys I thought this was such a fun episode. Music in games isn’t talked about enough and it really should be. Thanks for taking the time to put out one of the best episodes of the year. You brought a little bit of joy to my life tonight, thanks and have a wonderful 2014!

  8. EdgeRiderPro says:

    Poop from a butt.

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